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  1. jha32500

    jha32500 New Member

    Can anyone recommend a good hitting instructor in the Dayton area? Looking to get my 2 daughters some instruction to help take them to the next level. They have been playing competitive ball for a few years now, so not looking for a beginning type of lesson.
  2. 5-0 Softball Dad

    5-0 Softball Dad New Member

    Tim Duncan in Fairborn!!!
  3. Tdale

    Tdale New Member

    Tim Duncan will work wonders!
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  4. clv6963

    clv6963 New Member

    Tim Duncan. Hands down
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  5. mamoneyoh

    mamoneyoh New Member

    Without a doubt, Tim Duncan.
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    SOFTBALLS14 Member

  7. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Member

    echo tim Duncan. WARNING - all instructors take time to work with hitters and for changes to take effect.
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  8. BouldersDad

    BouldersDad Member

    Thank you everyone for the kind words and props. I know there are plenty of options for people to choose from and it's not lost on me that a lot of people have chosen me. Powerhouse will continue to do what we are asked to do and that is take swings to the next level.
    Thank you all again

    Tim Duncan SWO Powerhouse Hitting
  9. joboo1drew

    joboo1drew Member

    Tim Duncan is the best. I have lost count of how many girls he has coached that has went on to play at the next level. Not to mention his daughter who finished her collegiate softball career at Louisville and has now went on to coach at a D1 school in NKY.

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