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Discussion in 'Girls Fastpitch Softball Hitting Technical' started by cinstate082, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. cinstate082

    cinstate082 New Member

    Recommendations for a hitting instructor for my daughter who will Be ten soon. Let me know who you go to and why they would be good for her!!!
  2. Xeno

    Xeno New Member

    Wendell Hutchinson at the Mason Thunderdome...does a great job with all type of hitters
  3. snuffleupagus

    snuffleupagus New Member

    Hello from a parent of two Cincy Slammers players, 12u Jones and 13u Lockwood, a second for the Hutchinson’s My daughter has seen Tyler (Wendell’s son) for 5 or so lessons. A tremendous improvement in just a short time. Great facility, resume and coaching from them IMO.
  4. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Active Member

    THUNDER DOME will be closing Dec 2018.
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  5. snuffleupagus

    snuffleupagus New Member

    Interesting news to me.
  6. manitoudan

    manitoudan Active Member

    Tim Duncan up the road in Dayton is good , and Gerry Berling over on the Ky side is great . Wendell H as well .. all three are good.
  7. maddball44

    maddball44 Member

    Former Doom and MVX coach, Rob Ware in Felicity. He does not charge. Donation only. Has done wonders for my dd.
  8. Crazy Softball Mom

    Crazy Softball Mom New Member

    Shannon Wullenweber located in SE Indiana, near Lawrenceburg. He is wonderful.
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  9. cgkdad

    cgkdad New Member

    Ill second Rob Wear. Hands down, a fantastic coach. You certainly wont go wrong taking your DD to see Rob.
  10. Coach V

    Coach V Member

    Hardcore Hitting 513-846-2121
  11. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    All good suggestions on here but, I would recommend Gerry Berling (Straight Leg on here) in the Deer Park area would be my choice.
    Outside of the hitting mechanical areas he will also help the player work on strength and agility to help build power in the swing. He has a lot of training videos on you tube and you can get an idea of what he does by them.

    Some questions to ask a prospective coach would be:
    How long have you been coaching/training?
    What is your hitting style? This is key, while everyone wants their kid to be a power hitter most are not.
    Are you part of a coaching network or, have any coaching credentials?
    How do you assess progress?
    What are the student / parent expectations?
    Is your instruction one on one or group?
    As the ladies progress and get older the needs change as does their body so some tweaking of the swing occurs all through the playing years.
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  12. straightleg

    straightleg Member

    Thanks Dennis for the kind words. I am of course a Howard Carrier / Bustos lemming. We teach throwing, fielding, hitting in that order....I am currently booked, but thank you again for the props.

  13. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    With Straight Leg booked. Shannon at Hardcore Hitting 513-846-2121 or Rob Wear if he has openings but he is a stretch if you are looking Cincy area. Nothing against Tim or Wendell both are very accomplished and I believe certified coaches but I think they would be more Warren County lower Dayton Area. I think all hit areas that build the swing including strength, conditioning, agility, throwing catching etc. There are connections to a good swing and making a good swing better....

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