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Discussion in 'Softball Hitting Discussions' started by BostonMike, Jun 26, 2021.

  1. BostonMike

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    Looking for recommendations for hitting instructors in SW Ohio/Cincinnati area.

    Also, my daughter is a twin and her brother has played travel baseball for a long time. She is only just now getting serious about softball and wanting extra training.

    Some of my son's hitting instructors for baseball are saying they can do softball as well. How important is it to have a softball specific instructor?
  2. JG18

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    I really depends on the instructor. Theory is that there isn't a difference in swing mechanics, but there is a difference in the plate approach. There is also the consideration of how the hitting instructor teaches things. Does the instructor have a cookie cutter approach or do they asses the player and determine specific course of action. What age is your daughter? Where do you live? If you are interested, I could possibly help you out. I have coached high school varsity and was hitting coach for a few travel ball teams. My approach is to assess the player, establish some fundamental mechanics, and then implement a plan around what is best for the player.
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  4. Shannon Wullenweber at Hardcore Hitting - he has a waitlist right now, but it would be worth it to get on it! He is located in Lawrenceburg, IN
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    After what team Japan did this past Olympics many will go back to the old school rotation split grip swing….
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    We go to Wendell Hutchinson in Springboro. He's amazing, coaches a lot college/hs girls
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