Hitting Instructors...Who, How often, How long?

Discussion in 'Girls Fastpitch Softball Hitting Technical' started by Farmdad, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Farmdad

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    Thought it might be interesting to see where the girls are going, how often and how long have they seen their instructor?
  2. bleacherbum

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    Maybe when asking these questions, you start by telling everyone your answer first
  3. Farmdad

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    I realized after I posted this that I should have put in my info...but then I wanted to see which keyboard tough guy would make the first lame, cynical response.

    Dd takes hitting lessons from Jennifer Moore at Leffew Fastpitch. My dd is still new to fastpitch and she started with some hitting camps that Jen was running last year. Those turned into private lessons and we saw Jen probably every other week last summer through try-out season. Dd is focusing on pitching lessons right now and so we haven't been hitting as often as we like. But Jen has been great and she has really helped my kid.
  4. travelball

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    My opinion, it depends on age, experience, and how your dd progresses. Everyone learns at a different rate. Some kids can fall out of bed hitting like a beast, some are not so fast on the uptake. My dd (14) is small and always struggled with hitting until last year. I only took her to occasional clinics for hitting. After the routine of middle schools ball, she really started to put it all together. She puts the ball in play on almost every at bat now. She is now to the point where she is trying to turn those ground balls into line drives. She currently sees Sheliah Gulas at Leffew about every other week, and her swing is steadily improving. They have great hitting instructors over there between Sheliah, Jen, and now Tess Sito.
  5. bleacherbum

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    So you knew asking the question without your response was probably not the right thing to do. Especially since many come on here fishing and trolling without every giving their opinion. But because I mention it, I am the keyboard tough guy. Your response is the lame. cynical response. At least you proceeded to give your answer after letting all know not to mess with you, big guy. Real simple - if you are going to ask for opinions, give yours first. Good luck to your DD
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    When I was still playing and being recruited (back in 2007-2012) I would see my hitting instructor once a week regularly. This doesn't mean I didn't skip a week or two throughout the year, or even add multiple sessions in one week; but mainly I went once each week. IMO Randy Mozeijko was and is THE BEST hitting instructor in the central Ohio area. I saw him for about 4 years and even continued to see him throughout my college career at tOSU.

    Seeing a hitting/pitching/fielding/catching instructor all depends on the athletes work ethic and if they are practicing/getting better in between the sessions. I currently give hitting and fielding lessons and its too often that I see an athlete ONLY doing private lessons and not working out on their own. It is counter-produtive to go and spend money on instruction if you are not going to practice it at home.
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    In regards to only doing private lessons, I feel my dd was in that group, but a good part of that was my fault. Initially, I didn't feel comfortable/confident working with my daughter on things she was learning at lessons. Not really in fielding and hitting, but definitely with pitching. I've really had to become a student of softball pitching so that I could properly work with dd. I will say this has improved with time.
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    Not from Ohio but will chime in. I give lessons and had approximately 22 all summer and another 3 or 4 who come in for a "fix" once in a while. The goal, imo, of a hitting instructor should be to create a dialogue with their hitting students from which the student will eventually not need the hitting instructor. I do this in a couple of ways but including a lot of question and answers before, during, and after the lesson. I also have students look at their own video and critique it without my input until they have broken their swing down themselves. My lessons are 45 minutes long and two players at a time. The players come with a hitting buddy and I don't assign partners. If someone doesn't have a hitting partner, I will give 30 min lessons but at the end of the day. I charge $15 per player. I also have 6 week sessions and ask players to commit to at least 4 of the 6 sessions in the summer and then, I do a 4 week session which I just finished up.
  9. Farmdad

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    I like this approach...I realized early on that if I didn't ask my dd why she was doing something, she would go through the motions without truly understanding what she was doing. I also think video helps a lot with this...it really speeds up the "learning" when the kids can see what they are doing while hearing the instructions.

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