How are All-Ohio teams chosen?

Discussion in 'General Softball' started by OHsoftball, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. OHsoftball

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    just curious. How is a player selected for an All-Ohio team? Do they have to be nominated, if so, by who? Who votes? and what criteria has to be met?
  2. Rotte

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    Extreme Politics!!!!!! I promise that!
    I have 2 daughter.
    Daughter #1 2nd team twice & 1st team once.
    Daughter #2 1st team twice.
    We did well, but politics were always at play. Both should have been 1st or 2nd team all 4 years.
  3. lewam3

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    Rich, Whether your 2nd DD deserved to be on 1st or 2nd team all state all 4 years will be a moot point and a distant memory when she steps on to the field at tOSU this spring. There is no doubt in my mind that she will have a great career as a Buckeye!
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  4. tjsmize3

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    "Politics" is a part of everyday life!!!... Everything from who makes the "A" 8u rec team to who plays, to who makes and plays on a high school team and who gets a scholarship to play softball for another 4 years! I'm not sure the Girls All-Ohio Softball voting is an example of politics at it's most EXTREME, but no doubt I'm sure it's as much a part of the process as everything else in life is. Rotte, you have surely been blessed with your daughters' success! Congrats to you and to them!

    To answer the OPs question, the following has to happen:
    1. Your HS school coach MUST be an active member of OHSFSCA and attend (I believe) 3 meetings during the year (or something like that).
    2. Your HS school coach (at the end of the HS season) must attend the District meeting if the above requirements were met. He/She then must submit your DD's name and stats, as well as make a brief case as to why she deserves to be "All-Ohio," at the the district meeting.
    3. All of the competing coaches will then have your DD's info in front of them along with all of the other nominated players and will vote.
    4. The results will be based on the number of votes received from ALL of the participating coaches.
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  5. Rotte

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    Politics have no place in sports! Individual sports is the purist form.
  6. Rotte

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    I mentioned my daughter's to show that I don't have sour grapes. Didn't expect to get more than they got.
    Deserve vs reality.
  7. Coach Tony

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    I think a couple of things that are often overlooked in the voting process are the following:
    1. Each region is allotted a set amount of All-Ohio slots, and that is determined by the number of active members in that region and in that division. For example, when I was coaching at Kirtland High School (NE region, division III) a while back, there were only 3 First Team slots, 3 Second Team slots, and 3 Honorable Mention slots. I personally knew of several Division III coaches who didn't bother signing up for the OHSFSCA in our region and division. Had they signed up and attended meetings, the region likely would have had 4, 4, and 4.
    2. A team can only nominate up to 3 of its own players for all-region team... and it is the results of the all-region team vote that determine the players who will be considered for All-Ohio. In my mind, most teams likely do not have three players that are worthy of All-Ohio consideration. But, as you can imagine, this limitation of 3 nominees can be problematic for a team like Warren Champion who some years legitimately has 5 - 6 players who should be considered worthy of All-Ohio consideration.
    These two factors are important in determining who ends up being on the All-Ohio team and who doesn't.
  8. manitoudan

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    Politics ? My kid was one of 4 freshman in Ohio to make 1st team all state as a freshman .... didnt touch 1st or 2nd team her next 3 years even though she never dropped off any. I've mentioned this before .. a kid that pitched against us in our d4 conference that we mercy ruled twice made 1st team all state as an INFIELDER her senior year . We beat her a third time in the tourney . So Politics .. you might say so . That pitchers HS coach is / was a major elbow rubber with all the other coaches and he directed who got what . Nice guy but didnt care about much , only that his own got taken care of .
  9. OHsoftball

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    I'm sure you probably know this, but I'm wondering how much influence a coach has on the votes they get. I've asked this question on another forum but it gets bent out of proportion. I'm honestly just curious about how it works. Started thinking about it more after seeing some recent comments made from other coaches about players, specially mine, being left out of post season awards.
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  10. manitoudan

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    To the best of my recollection the top vote getters for District POY get 1st team , then on to 2nd team . But I could be wrong .
  11. BA824

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    Each District gets so many spots on All State team. District coaches association meet and nominate, talk about and then vote. This is done same time as we vote for all district teams. To be able to nominate and vote coach must be a member of coaches association. To be a member there is a small fee, Coach must attend at least 3 monthly meetings and perform 1 volunteer service.

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