How do you measure success?

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    Everyone measure success differently, what you feel may be a successful season for a team/organizations others may feel it was a failure.

    How do you measure success as a Coach, Team or Athlete?

    How do parents measure success in there Coaches, Team or thier daughter?
  2. yocoach

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    As a coach, I measure it by what I feel the goals should be of the age group I'm coaching.

    My goals for the age groups:
    8U- Teach them the basic skills needed to play the game at I higher level than others but most importantly, have fun and make them fall in love with the game.
    10U- Further develop the basic skills, teach them new ones so they continue to learn/develop as players and have fun.
    12U-These 2 years are all about fine tuning the skills, giving them as much game experience and game situational awareness as possible.
    Contrary to popular belief, at these younger age groups, winning isn't the end all, be all. It sshould all be about individual player skills development. With that, the goal should be to win the ones your supposed to, win a few that you aren't and make everyone else know that they've been in a real battle to beat you.
    14U- At this age group, I feel you should be working more on team development and more of the game mentality for hitting, fielding, etc., In other words, more player development wrapped inside the team development. Second year, keep working on the same thing but focus more on team. Start to showcase to let the players get their feet wet by doing 1 or 2 small ones.
    16U-The entire focus should be on team development, helping your players get recruited by giving advice, reaching out to colleges on their behalf, making sure they don't do anything stupid on social media, showcase, etc. etc.
    18U- First year try and help get those not being actively recruited that want to play at the next level at least looked at and hopefully offered or at the minimum, offered a walk-on spot. Second year...Win!
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    Success is measured on whether they sign up to play again the next year. lol

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