How has your daughter tryouts experience been?

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    It's that the time of the year... it's softball tryouts season again.

    How's your experience been so far?
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    Our daughter attended several tryouts. She aged out of her 14U team. She attended 8 or so 16U tryouts. Some run very efficiently and some a complete train wreck. At one tryout, 10 minutes in I had already decided she would not join this team. She attended a Laser tryout. Really well run. A lot of knowledgeable coaches who taught and instructed throughout the event. It was likely a reach for her and she had her worst performance of any tryout she attended.

    It seems that most 16U tryouts were one of 3 situations:

    • A team broke up over something. Some players went with a coach (in each case we saw it was a dad) and now they are looking for the rest of the team.

    • A bunch of players aged out of 14U but not the entire team and there was no 16U team in the program for them. So they're establishing one.

    • An existing team is looking to fill just a few specific spots. It appears every team is looking for pitching, catching, & shortstops.

    At some tryouts, the coach told the parents that if selected the player would get a call by XX date. If no call, not selected and continue seeking a team. At 2 tryouts, the coach expressed a lot of interest, told her to expect a call, then nothing. Both of those teams continue to post looking for players and respond to every 16U Ohio player looking for tryouts on the Facebook page. Others set no expectation and then there was no further contact, disappointing. One team contacted every player family from every tryout after all tryouts were over and let them know. Once they had offers accepted and the roster set, they let all other know they were not selected and thanked them for their interest. A very professional approach.

    She was looking for the program where she could spend the remainder of her HS playing time. She got several offers. She found a great situation and I think she will be very happy playing there.
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    Personally I feel it is important for coaches to call the athletes no matter what. Every year I make the calls. Some of the phone calls are harder than others to make but coaches usually don't like making the call unless its an offer. I have always called the athletes or parents with an answer after the tryouts. This year I made my last call after 10pm on Saturday night. Yes they all knew the late calls will be coming in. Its out of respect to the athlete and parents for considering our team and you never know what the future may hold. One may need a sub or a player may be unhappy later on so I feel its important to communicate and network. My approach may be wrong. IDK.

    A TON of super talented 16u players out there this year. 05 class is deep and filled with some great talent.
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    I think it’s important to reach out to the coach before a tryout, so see what positions they are looking for and why, and then narrow your search. Sent videos to gauge several coach’s interest and received private tryouts and invited the practices, which were a lot better than going to an open tryout.

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