How to choose softball shoes?

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    ALISA WEAVER New Member

    For me, a constantly difficult question in the choice of shoes. The problem is that my skin is such that I can rub my legs with anything. Because of this, you have to try radically different options. The last time I bought myself in general men's football boots (foot length 25.5 cm, for me the size was found). Took Adidas Copa Mundial. They are quite comfortable and worn well. Only all the same for 2 seasons they have worn out for objective reasons. In search of a new pair of shoes I stumbled upon this review. The information seems to be sensible and there is plenty to choose from. But maybe there are some brands of women's shoes that are large sizes? I have a problem with this, many models are tight or just uncomfortable.
  2. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    are you trying to find softball cleats or soccer? they are not the same thing.
  3. Captain_Thunder

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    So did you play softball or soccer?
    Did you play in England or where?

    ALISA WEAVER New Member

    I play in the USA. I also tried to play soccer, now I try my hand at softball. She also played volleyball. It may be strange, but I play while there is pleasure from the process. When training becomes a burden, it's not the same. Therefore, I try to try different things to understand. what works well, what I enjoy. My parents do not insist that I do one thing. They give me the freedom to choose and find myself.

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