How to use the USSSA Tournaments and Information forum - PLEASE OPEN AND READ!!!

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  1. Thank you for clicking in the revamped USSSA Tournament and Information Forum on OFC/Softball Zone. As USSSA expands our footprint in Ohio, the tournament section has gotten very "crowded". With this increase in traffic, Ohio USSSA has partnered with OFC to offer a more efficient way to navigate the section.

    The first thing that you should notice is that there are now "sub-forums" with geographic breakdowns for different parts of the states. Tournament listings are now posted geographically within the corresponding part of the state they are being held in. No more searching thru 2-3 pages of tournament postings to update or find information. We also have a section for postseason events like States, National Invitational Tournaments (NIT's), Regional events, National Championships/World Series events.

    The second thing you should notice is the main section is more information based. This is where we will post information about the various USSSA and Ohio USSSA programs and other important USSSA information like the USA Elite Select (USAES) All-American program and the USSSA Pride/Road-to-Orlando World Series event in Orlando, FL.

    The third thing you should notice is there are "stickys" or pinned posts in each section. These are either large postings like all of a complexes events listed in one event or special events that Ohio USSSA is behind and promoting. We're encouraging our directors that host multiple events to start a posting with all of their dates so we can "pin" it to the top of their sub forum. The TD will also make a separate tournament information posting to update with event specific details.

    Again than you for helping to make USSSA in Ohio a success. Our growth is based on values of putting our young female athletes first. Our motto is "Play the Best, Play USSSA"!!


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