how was YOUR softball weekend???

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by DanMaz, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. DanMaz

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  2. Scaglione3173

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    My daughter had an awesome weekend!! She subbed for the Emeralds 06, and by far this team is a class act!! Both the head coach and the assistant coach are great!! Cannot say enough good things about this weekend!! Thank you Sean Conley and Nick Denzer!!
  3. DanMaz

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    That's AWESOME Scaglione!

    Positive posts and positive news is the BEST MEDICINE for 2020!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stedman00

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    I'm positive that Mother nature won and screwed us with RAIN!!!
  5. Passion4theGame

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    Dan you pulled me in here. I never brag about my Darling Ginger but I will today. Zhari had an outstanding weekend at USA Class A States. Played extremely well in Center Field tracking and catching some serious gap shots. Laid out and robbed some nice hits. At the plate she was pretty successful finding a way to get on nearly every at bat. After having a discussion with Coach K last week and getting some advise she was ready for this weekend. Fun to watch and I must say I was a proud Dad. That’s tough to do when you have 12 to focus on but damn that feels good. Thanks for asking! Lol

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  6. DanMaz

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  7. DanMaz

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    we had the weekend off... but as far as softball goes. Had some great conversations with my DD about heading out to college next month. She is so pumped excited and of course a little nervous. A new chapter in life that includes softball... PRICELESS
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  8. ALLPH0

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    Every weekend is a great weekend when the girls are able to play!
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  9. Creek01

    Creek01 Active Member

    I got to watch my dd play softball this weekend. After losing her freshman season after only 10 games and only having 3 years left of college ball I cherish every chance I get to see her play.
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  10. softballsam10

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    I know exactly how you feel Creek....10 games down in Florida and that was it. Hopefully next year isn't affected as well.
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  11. DanMaz

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    post here.. how was your weekend?
  12. DanMaz

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    i snuck out and watched 6 games this weekend Sat and Sunday! i wasn't hearing that "honey do list" and i tell ya what! It was awesome to watch games that even my DD wasn't playing in. Those younger team parents crack me up! Even saw a 12u coach get thrown!! l(he deserved it too! lol)
    It was 2 bEAUtiful days and a GREAT weekend of softball!!
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  13. Had a good tournament at the Y-Town Mayhem. We finished in the semifinals dropping a game to TC Mustangs 5-4. Very well run tournament by the Thunder Elite guys. Appreciate everything they do as this tournament was great and their Fall Ball was great last year. Can't say enough good things about them.
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  14. Mad Hornet

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    18u Gold Nationals in OKC. My Laser Blue girls left it all on the field made me very proud and as always, had more fun than should be allowed. Retired from coaching as of Thursday night. Mad Hornet -OUT!
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  15. mroby5172

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    Did you happen to be in Hubbard?
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  16. Justamom

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    Won last tournament of travel ball career and coaches retired. Good weekend, now on to next journey.
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  17. DanMaz

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    hubbard? shhhhhhhh...
  18. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    Diamond Chix 16U Travelled to Gulf IMG_20200725_162631512_HDR.jpg Shores and we're runner up in the USSSA World Championship.
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  19. DanMaz

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    O - H -
  20. Justamom

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    Something funny- The batter's box was drawn wrong. Our coaches brought it to the attention of the ump. He said it was too late to fix and to go with it. Ump used the drawn box to call strikes. The other team's pitcher could hit the spot well, which no bat could reach. Our pitcher learned the importance of being able to hit both sides of the plate. lol We got creamed.

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