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Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by Fairman, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Fairman, I assume Raptors won in 18B.

    Wasn't sure how you guys were going to figure that out since some teams played their bracket games and others weren't able to get all their pool games in.

    Seemed like You guys did pretty well, considering the weather.
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    Thanks Cobb

    Everyone got 4 games and then it was a crap shoot on Sunday. We had a light drizzle that stopped the 18uA before they could get started but some other brackets got started and then we lost field by field throughout the day until an early afternoon front passed through and ended all hope. I believe that USSSA figured out the rankings based on pool play.

    We were busy raking and applying field dry (over 300 bags consumed) trying to got get games in. We appreciated the tolerance and support we received form the coaches/parents that understood we don't control the weather but were making a heroic effort to get the fields ready and keep them playable for as long as we could. I do apologize for the chaos that moving games and the weather caused but since we were at 17 locations, with 31 different fields with different weather patterns: clear communications was difficult.

    This is the18uB bracket: you can see that they got some games in but did not play to a championship.

    The pool rankings are on this website for 18uB as you can see that the USSSA ranked Keystone raptors #1 after pool play

    Tom Harley

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