Is college recruiting ruining the softball experience?

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by coachtomv, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. coachtomv

    coachtomv Active Member

    I saw this today:

    So, coaches, parents, organizations, would you approach softball without recruiting pressures?

    Would you be more relaxed?
    Would it be more about the love of the game?
    Would you choose the same softball team/org/coaches?
    What would your priorities be?

    Personally, I feel that we have lost what its all about to some extent. These kids start to play for the love of the game, not for any other reason, same goes for coaches. We love it, we work hard to get better because we love it. We love to win and compete. We love the experiences, friendships, rivalries, the memories it all creates.

    When we play to showcase what we can do, but control it and take winning out of it, then what are we doing? Do you think, wow what a cool showcase..... that noone played to win at...awesome.

    Recruiting and playing at the next level is a by product of today, but today should always be the focus, everything else will work itself out in due time.

    Personally we should all have goals, short and long term. I dislike a travel season where there is no team goal for that year. I like the idea of having a goal to play at a national event, obviously that flexes with the talent. When the goal is how many showcases we can go to and then the season just stops, that sucks to me, what if High school was that way also. Think of all the cool memories and legends that process of striving for a championship creates.

    Remove the obstacle of recruiting and lets play ball...for real.
  2. jt7663

    jt7663 Active Member

    It would be easier if they wouldn't have to start as young as 13 or 7th Grade. Put a Limit of 9th Grade to give them a couple years to (just Enjoy the Game) & Mature. I know that topic has been thrown out previously just though I'd get the ball rolling. lol
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  3. coachtomv

    coachtomv Active Member

    Personally I like the recommendation of Junior year. That makes much more sense to me. Everyone is too big a hurry, IMHO.
  4. gatorcoach

    gatorcoach Member

    "I dislike a travel season where there is no team goal for that year. I like the idea of having a goal to play at a national event, obviously that flexes with the talent. When the goal is how many showcases we can go to and then the season just stops, that sucks to me, what if High school was that way also."

    Any coach doing this is doing a great disservice to their kids. You can very easily play a combo of showcases and good competitive tournamemts with a strong end of year National no matter what your level, or what amount you want to travel.

    I do agree that new legislation will be a great thing. I personally would like to see Soph year and you can sign NLI Soph year. Take the verbal out of it.
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  5. City Slicker

    City Slicker Active Member

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  6. allcorners

    allcorners Member

    It absolutely ruins it.
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  7. manitoudan

    manitoudan Active Member

    Just verbal as a 7th grader , that takes care of everything .. tongue firm in cheek .
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  8. FastBat

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    Like the good old was a happy surprise to sign early in the fall of your senior year. Verbals? Try explaining what that is to anyone who is now a generation removed from all of this. If you asked a junior HS girl when I played, if she was playing in college, she might reply saying she hoped to. My mother swears this happened when I played, I've heard this story many times; my sister was a junior playing on defense at our HS field (location is correct spring reg season HS), my mom was sitting in the stands watching and a college coach at that game watching another girl as well, a senior, who ended up playing at that university. My poor mom, in ear range of this coach, had to sit listening to him rant and shack his head about how they couldn't be serious about this potential recruit, she was too small to play D1! There are so may differences from then to now, that would never happen in 2018...maybe it's good, but maybe not?
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  9. Rotte

    Rotte Member

    It is certainly harming the game & experience! A friend of my has been coaching 10u Travel Ball, for over 20 years. He had a very good team last year! Problem is, some of the parents were already worried, because they didn't see college coaches at the games! It is way too much on these young girls! It is difficult enough to be a teenage girl, without all this recruiting stuff. It's getting to a point if you're not committed, by 9th grade, to a power 5, it's a failure. Ridiculous!!!!! Our game has so much to offer! I have an older daughter, that did not go onto play college ball. She was a special talent! It just was not in the cards to play at the next level. I would not trade the time spent together, meeting great people, and all the great experiences. It was a fantastic ride & experience. I have a younger daughter who committed to The Ohio State University at a young age, and will be heading to Cbus next year. What I know now, is the fun is in the chase! I would give anything to go back & time with that knowledge. Let these kids enjoy the game! It’s just a blink of an eye from being over.
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  10. Pacerdad57

    Pacerdad57 Member

    And now Florida has “officially” verballed a 6th grader. We all know it really means nothing. But to me it’s an absurd thing to do. Got one last
    one in before any rules changes... why not just go after the T-Ballers for real now. Crazy world we live in.
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  11. mike_dyer

    mike_dyer Member

    My kid "verballed" to a team.

    They made some promises, we went there and did the whole thing, whatever.

    It didn't take her too long to figure out that what ole papa been preachin' was exactly right.

    College coaches -- in particular, the ones she was dealing with -- are liars. They don't have any idea what they are looking for or at.

    Nor do they care.

    If they can put a half decent team on the field and keep most of them out of prison their job is secure.

    For Christ's sake, the coaches who she "verballed" to asked her if the was still pitching last summer. She hasn't pitched since she was 12...
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  12. wow

    wow Active Member

    Ok let's everyone relax. There is only pressure if you allow it. The process is stressful I will agree, however anything in life worth working hard for is. This process is teaching these kids, and parents, to embrace the ups and downs, just like in life. Is there disappointment? Yep. Just like the real world. Who really cares if a 3rd grader just comnitted to ICLA? Great for the kid and her parents.

    The problem is social media.

    Everyone wants to boast about their commitment. Stay off the social media and you won't care when anyone committed. Make a plan, be in the right events, play on the right team, and get to camps. You will find your place in the collegiate world. I think it's awesome for the girls who commit early. Maybe it works out maybe not. But everyone has a different path so you can't look at social media and expect the path to college softball to be the same. Let's be happy for the kids who commit early and then get back to work in our own house!!!!

    Seems like the only people who complain about early commits are the ones who have not committed! Sure some regret it, but for some it's a dream they have worked hard for and if you are a "no brainier" kid who gets picked up early. Good for you! Congrats.!
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  13. Pacerdad57

    Pacerdad57 Member

    Not a matter at all of envy in any form wow. Kid decided to back out of her verbal and go to a school where they had the desired major and concentrate on getting the education she really wanted to have. College after all should be chosen based on your desir d career track. Colleges have made a farce
    of the recruiting process by going younger and younger just to grab quantities and see how it shakes out after little Susie hits 7th grade.....
    Looking forward to new recruiting rules, and hopefully enforcement of same. Let the kids be kids, it’s so quickly gone anyhow, let them play a game and have fun with it, they deserve that much. Their time will get here soon enough as it is
  14. AkronCarPro

    AkronCarPro Member

    Short answer, yes. College recruiting and interactions between high school players and college coaches, whether on campus or anywhere else, shouldn't be allowed before the student's sophomore year in high school. Let the girls play the game without the distractions and pressures of recruiting.
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  15. I like the pressure, builds character and teaches a valuable lesson. Our DD crapped her pants during her first "recruiting fall", but within a year took the all the coaches watching in stride and performed very well.

    However I dislike the showcases. If I was college coach I would like to see the kids compete to win, not just showcase. Did they get their bunt down in a crucial situation, did they drive the runner in from third with less than one out, did the rise above as a pitcher after an error in the field, how did they react to a bad call.
  16. her mom

    her mom Member

    I totally agree with this. Kids just cant be kids anymore and its not ok. They still need to be kids and enjoy what they do without more pressure then what is already on them. If this came up and for my child, I would definitely say thank you for the recognition but she is 12. Let her be 12. If you want her later on then by all means get back with us. Its just too much on these girls and kids in general now a days.
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  17. Hilliarddad3

    Hilliarddad3 Active Member

    A 7th grade kid could grow 6" and gain or lose weight by the time they are a Senior. They can't even decide what's for breakfast let alone choose a college at that age....

    A new business entity.... Delivery rooms with a double mirror for the college coaches to get an early advantage on a prospect, based on size, weight and what hand they raise first to see if they are a righty or lefty....I'll even supply IPads at each desk......

    When does it end???
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  18. manitoudan

    manitoudan Active Member

    ^^. What Hospitals ? I dont want left behind .. LOL
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  19. tankerlab

    tankerlab Member

    If you are a part of a travel team that has no goals I suggest you spend your money elsewhere. I believe at the upper level travel organizations the goal is to get each player “looks” and possible commitments...As far as recruiting being a part of softball? That decision is made by your daughter and what she wants out of softball. If no interest in playing at next level then play high school ball for fun. If she really loves the game but not interested in playing in college then play on a local travel team. ( some Travel teams in older age groups only want girls interested in playing in college some don’t care...)
    I agree with taking the recruiting out of the young age it used to be and also think it would be focused on Jr. Sr. Years of high school.
    As far as how did recruiting effect our experience? “ The chase” was very, very exciting! It does almost become a way of life. Routine... It does consume you. It was funny this Spring at one of my daughters college tournaments, afterward while at dinner we laughed when we revieled to each other that when a coach walked by in the complex we would look at the logo on their shirt and think “ Oh, Wright State is here!” “Chattanooga is here!”
    Then realize oh, we don’t have to worry about that! LOL! My daughter said she had the same instant reaction. We laughed. So it does show how 6-4 years of that conditions you and becomes a way of was even more so for me because even after my daughter had committed I was the college coach “spotter” to let the coach know who was at tournaments...
  20. tankerlab

    tankerlab Member

    That was an eye opening comment! I didn’t really know that happened... because our travel ball coaches stressed above all before you commit make sure the school is right for you academically!!! I think most parents steered their daughters in that direction as well. I would assume that would be the main consideration and talked about between the kid, the parents and coach?

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