Is this the beginning of end of PGF and the rise of USSSA?

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    I'm sure the door wasn't easy to open in the beginning to get into some the events some of your teams play in Co,Fla,Cali.I'm hoping that continues for those teams and the new brand opens some doors for some of your lessor teams in USSSA Elite.We played some USSSA at 14u in W PA and there leadership was proactive about recognizing there better teams with Invites to championships .Not sure we will be playing many USSSA events this year at 18u since were doing a lot of USA qualifiers that draws alot better teams from that age group .We'll certainly miss those times gaining confidence with wins we got over the Outlaws teams we got to play, our ladies were up for every opportunity we got.
    I'm hoping there's an open way to see the head to head results for teams in USSSA and USSSA Elite. Very good teams need to play Very good teams too become a Great team.Looking forward to seeing how it works for Ohio and our ladies.
    Oh ,your making my grammar look a little better lol
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    Not sure about better competition (or the wins lol) Here is the team list for USA Select (Based on teams that have committed possibly the strongest National event this side of the country)
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    180+ teams...But not one from Ohio so far?

    This is how web links should look... Nice to just click on a team and see their game scores, teams played rosters, coaches etc.
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  4. WWolff

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    Yes, I like their website.
    They have not had a qualifier this year, but we will hopefully change that :)
    12U Outlaws Johnson plans on going
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    I'd like to welcome Ohio to the USSSA family.

    The I(c)SST (IUP Tournament) has been associated with the USSSA for almost a decade and we have had great experience with the PA State Director and the national organization. They have embraced technology and the items that Bob and Warren have outline above have evolved over that time. USSSA has very early introduced improvements in communications; as a TD the introduction of mobile based communications revolutionized our ability to communicate weather , scores and standings to our teams. The USSSA posts the scores and the seedings that are for a all practical reasons instantaneous (and accurate). I'm sure most of you remember hanging out at some pavilion in the dark waiting for the late scores to be posted so that you can call your team and let them know when and where they would be playing on Sunday.

    Our association with USSSA has allowed our tournament to grow from barely 32 teams to more than 160 teams playing on 32 fields throughout the county. We get teams form Eastern PA, NJ, NY, WV (and Canada) playing Western PA teams. We have a few Ohio teams but maybe with this association we will see an uptick in your participation. USSSA handles all the umpires and their scheduling, the team registrations and their scheduling and even brings the balls and trophies. All I have to do is get the fields ready and keep them playable. The accounting is clear, concise and on time. It has been a great partnership and I am glad to hear that it is coming to Ohio.

    I am sure there will be bumps in the road ahead but I always found we were both pushing the wheel in same direction.

    I wish you luck and sunshine.
    Tom Harley TD I(c)SST and BSC in Indiana PA
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    Tom, thanks. Indiana PA, if I recall is home to Jimmy Stewart! Actually, been to the Museum. We would love to see more cross-over teams and perhaps something can be worked on together in that regard!

    Bob Himmelein
  7. Guys, Ohio has had USSSA for quite awhile now. I've been involved for 3 years now and it existed prior to me switching over from NSA.

    How about welcoming Warren, Emma, Bob, and a couple of the other TD's to the Ohio USSSA family. I know that I already have.

    Mike Craig (chopped liver)
    Ohio USSSA

    [Note. This message has been delivered with a hint of sarcasm]
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  8. Now before anyone calls me or Warren saying I was rude on here, lighten up as that response was meant to be funny.

    USSSA has been making inroads here in Ohio and Warren getting involved with USA Elite Select will be a huge success for us. Warren will be mostly running the big showcase events that the Elite teams are craving here in Ohio which is the one place we were falling short as a statewide program. It can be tough to run a state program and dealing with the different personalities that the Elite teams can bring is a job in itself.

    The one thing about no Ohio teams entered yet for the WFC in Kansas City, we did host a WFC qualifier last fall (2016). A total of 13 teams entered the 2 divisions combined. When I asked for that event again this past fall (2017), I was told to work on getting the Elite teams playing more often as that was the smallest one in the country and to direct them to the events in Indiana and Pennsylvania for this year. That was before Warren approached us about coming aboard.

    As for the quality of the World Fastpitch Championships that USAES put on in Kansas City, it is STRONG. I volunteered to go out their this past July to learn more about the Elite teams and how the game is played at that level. My duties were mainly retrieving score cards and being a "go-fer" but also being hospitable to the college coaches in attendance. There were in the neighborhood of 100+ coaches there with people like Patty with Oklahoma, the Oregon coach, LSU, KU, and every school within 200 miles of KC that had softball programs. We had the coaches signing in and USAES had a nice booklet with all of the team info, rosters, brackets, and player information when they checked in. We fed them lunch and dinner and I went around handing out snacks and Gatorade/water all day as it was blazing out all week.

    I was at the complex that hosted 16u. What an amazing event! I was taken back in how good some of these teams really were. Watching some of the CA, AZ, & TX teams and it was like watching a JUCO college event with the quality of play and these are high school players! Even teams that would normally win events rather easily here, had their hands full with the Midwest teams like Tulsa Elite and Nebraska Gold.

    I am looking forward to the Elite teams having a place in our USA Elite Select program to keep their skills sharp in and find the competition they would like. I am always fearful that the "A" level was slowly going away. Each year my events had less A and more B level teams. Nothing wrong as there is a level for everyone to play at. I just didn't like seeing the teams that had quality A level teams and but not the big budget like the Elites have, slowly disappearing from our events or getting accused of trophy hunting when they played in an open event.

    Remember, the one great thing about the USSSA program is there is a level for everyone to play at!
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    My apologizes, you have been the Ohio State Director for a number years now, growing USSSA there. When we started Ohio USSSA was practically non-exisitant. This mass conversion is signifiant and has a lot to do with your efforts and contacts. It can't help but raise all boats even in PA. I'm for one excited to see where you can take it now.
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    USSSA was very smart when they started USA ES giving monitary compensation to some of the top programs to attend. I know 2yrs ago some teams distributed back to the parents to help with travel expense of a 2nd National Tournament. Not sure if they are still doing this, but they knew getting those top orgs would help their draw. USSSA has always done a great job with their National events. It is a very well run organization with very very deep pockets.
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    Some great information here and a great introduction to USSSA and where its going in Ohio in surrounding states .Thanks for all our new and older directors for bringing in the info.

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