ASA Tournament Jason Reed "Play for Autism" June 12th -14th, 2020

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    Due to field restriction we will be cancelling our tournament. If you have any questions please email

    Ohio SWAT Fast Pitch Softball Program will be hosting an USA Invitational on June 12th to 14th, 2020 in Athens, Ohio. All teams that enter must be sanctioned with USA, proof of insurance, background, ACE certificate and concussion certificate. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Appalachian Family Center for Autism and Disabilities located in Athens, Ohio. 4 game guarantee - 3 pool games that seeds into a single elimination bracket. Age divisions will be 10U-12U-14U-16U.

    10U-12U-14U-16U entry is $450 if paid in full by March 1, 2020. After March 1, 2020 entry fee will be $500.00 due by May 1, 2020.

    Multi Team discount of $400.00 if paid in full by March 1, 2020. After March 1 Multi Team discount of $450.00

    For more information go to or email or call Bryan Cooper 740-590-5994. Come support a great tournament for a great cause. This tournament has grown every year and fills quickly. Last year we had a gold and silver bracket in every division allowing more teams to win a championship.

    For Registration form click here

    All age divisions will be playing at one of the listed locations - West State Street Parks 398 West State Street Park, Athens, Ohio 45701, Athens High School 1 High School Drive, The Plains, Ohio 45780, Alexander High School 6125 Ayers Road, Albany, Ohio 45701 or Nelsonville High School 2 Buckeye Drive, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764

    14U and 16U GOLD and 16U SILVER Divisions championship Games will be played at the Ohio University Bobcats Field located on South Shafer Street, Athens, Ohio 45701

    10u will take 8

    1. WV Sting
    2. Ohio Bulldawgs Elite - PD
    3. Ohio Passion 10U-PD
    4. Lady Barracudas-PD

    12u will take 8

    1. Ohio SWAT 07-PD
    2. WV Sting 11u
    3. WV Sting 12u
    4. JABC Riot 07
    5. Central Ohio Pride ‘08-PD
    6. Muskie Chix (Brown)
    7. Buckeye Elite ‘08
    8. Buckeye Elite ‘07

    14u will take 12 teams total
    1. Ohio SWAT 06-PD
    2. Ohio SWAT 05-PD
    3. Aftershock 14U -PD
    4. WV Sting 14U
    5. Velocity Fastpitch 06
    6. Ohio Passion 05-PD
    7. Midwest Marlins 14U
    8. Wizards 14U
    9. Lady Barracudas
    10. Pittsburgh Spirit-PD
    11. MOV Storm 14U - PD
    12. W.V. Vipers

    16u will take 12 teams total
    1. Lady Pioneers - PD
    2. WV Sting 16u
    3. Ohio Tigers Navy-PD
    4. Ohio Tigers Orange-PD
    5. Aftershock - PD
    6. Buckeye Breeze
    7. Ohio Stealth 16U
    8. Lightning 16U Blue - PD
    9. Central Ohio Pride 03 -PD
    10. Ohio stealth -PD
    11. Yellow Jackets -PD
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    Buckeye Breeze 16u. Interested.
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    Central Ohio Sting 12u
    Central Ohio Sting 14u
    Central Ohio Sting 16u

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