Non-Sanctioned Tourney (Just Posted) Summer Starter 6/12 - 614

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    June 12-14, 2020 Valley Extreme Summer Starter Tournament

    Where: Candlelight Knolls, Champion Athletic Club, & LaBrae Athletic Club

    Divisions: 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, & 18u

    Cost: $600 (no separate parking/gate fee) (STAY TO PLAY Event)

    Payment: Checks or Credit Card (3rd party processing fees may apply)
    Please register. If TM CC's not processing, just mail check as instructed.

    Teams taken on "first to pay basis" given the tight deadline to pull this off.

    • 5 gg – 3 pool play followed by double elimination (weather permitting)
    • PP begins at 8:00 am on Friday June 12, 2020
    • Double Elimination Bracket play will begin by Saturday


    CLICK Here to Register via Tourney Machine

    College Coaches: We are inviting universities permitted to attend in June.


    Teams and spectators must be able & willing to follow all COVID guidelines.

    • 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, & 18u
    • 75 minutes finish the inning, weather permitting. Umpire keeps official time.
    • Two (2) certified umpires for PP and Bracket games
    • Championship games 7 innings with no time limit (weather permitting)
    • Metal cleats allowed • Can bat roster all weekend. Free defensive substitutions.
    • Run rules of 12, 10, 8 after 3, 4, 5 • Latest USA rules apply (Note: courtesy runners can be anyone as of Jan 2018)
    • Pitching distances: 43’, 40’, and 35’ based on division.
    • Home team determined by coin flip for PP
    • Highest seed has choice for elimination play. If same seed, then coin flip.
    • 1B safety bags will be in place and batters are expected to use orange bag and avoid contact.
    • Umpire discretion calls cannot be protested.
    • Pitchers get 3 warm-up pitches in each inning. A new pitcher gets 5.
    • Courtesy runners may be used for pitchers/catchers.
    • Teams must quickly exit the field to make room for the next team.
    • Home team to keep official book and visiting team to confirm accuracy.
    • PP games can end in a tie.
    • PP games will start at 8 am on Friday, June 12, 2020.
    • Double elimination scheduled to start on Saturday.
    • Check in one hour before 1st game to verify attendence. Need: 1) Insurance copy, 2) Concussion, 3) Birth Certs in case of challenge, 4) USA/ASA number recorded (if have one)
    • Check in materials to be emailed (pdf, etc.) to
    • Refund Policy: Started games will be considered played. Refunds are per: 0 played=$500, 1 played=$375, 2 played=$250, 3 or more=$0 (based on full fee)
    • Individual awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers • Team awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers
    • REGISTRATION NOT COMPLETE until payment received.

    (STP Event)


    See Tourney Machine Document section for additional information, field maps, hotel information, and more.

    Thank you for considering this event and for helping us ensure the girls play.
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  3. xz2sdk

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    Team List ... not final until payments received (online CC processing up and running)

    NEED TEAMS Paid or confirmed they mailed check by Thursday.

    18u: (2 spots left)
    1. Valley Extreme
    2. Explosive Dawson
    3. Explosive Minisal
    4. Xcalibur
    5. Pitt Lady RR Mass
    6. USA Elite VF 02
    7. USA Patriots WWAST
    8. Stingrays
    9. Lady Stangs
    10. Central Ohio Dynamites
    11. ?
    12. ?

    16u: (Will expand if teams hurry)
    1. Valley Extreme - Angelo
    2. Valley Extreme - Buck
    3. ?
    4. Ohio Lasers Platinum
    5. Explosive 04
    6. Triple Crown Royals - Hatfield
    7. Explosive Elite Buckley
    8. Ohio Classics
    9. Harrison City Heat
    10. Ohio Ice Platinum
    11. Ohio Emeralds 04
    12. Ohio Slamforce Hudson
    13. Ohio USSSA Pride Scarlet
    14. Caps Bandits
    15. NWO Lady Buckeyes
    16. MOV Pride Premier
    17. Chardon Storm
    18. Ohio Lightning 04
    19. Cannonsburg Lady Knights
    20. Ohio Emeralds 03
    21. Lake Erie Warhawks
    22. Falcon Force

    14u: (4 spots left)
    1. Valley Extreme
    2. Ohio Slamforce Hunter
    3. Racers Youth Fastpitch 05
    4. Lady Lookouts 05
    5. Oho Emeralds 06
    6. Pitts Predators Moran
    7. Diamond Chix Pink
    8. OC Batbusters Interthal
    9. Ohio Ice Green
    10. MadDogs - Heath
    11. Firecrackers OH - Blackie
    12. Chardon Storm 05
    13. Oho Wolfpack 07
    14. Ohio Storm 05
    15. Lasers Silver
    16. Diamond Chix Premier Blue
    17. Tri City Titans
    18. PA Stingrays 06
    19. Steel City Select - Swope
    20. Steel City Select - Yukevich
    21. Pitt Lady Roadrunners White
    22. Buckeye Charge Gordon
    23. ?
    24. ?

    12u: (Will take 12 paid teams)
    1. Valley Extreme
    2. Thunder Elite 08
    3. Ohio Blast Dado
    4. Lady Lookouts 07
    5. Ohio Ice Black
    6. Afterschock
    7. Tallmadge Force 07
    8. PA Stingrays 07
    9. Wolfpack Wolff
    10. Erie Frost Sherman
    11. Ohio Energy 07
    12. ?

    10u: (2 spots left)
    1. Valley Extreme
    2. Ohio Wolfpack 09
    3. Ohio Blast
    4. Ohio Ice Gray
    5. Tallmadge Force Grey
    6. Explosive Select 09
    7. ?
    8. ?
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  4. xz2sdk

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    Added Wolfpack 10u.
  5. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    Added Thunder Elite 12u.
  6. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    Added USSSA Pride Elite Select Teal. TY.
  7. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    Added Slamforce Hunter 14u.
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  8. Basehitgirl

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    Tournament in Northeast Ohio, if anyone is looking for a replacement For June 12-14. Quality fields, and the director will work hard to get games in.
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  9. xz2sdk

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    Updated team list. Thanks to all for jumping so fast.
  10. xz2sdk

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    We are opening up 16u due to demand. With complexes secured and ok with us playing, we can take 60+ teams, depending on age groups (some smaller fields).
  11. xz2sdk

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    Added NWO Lady Buckeyes 16u. TY
  12. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    Added USA Elite VF 02 to 18u. TY
  13. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    Added MadDogs Heath to 14u. Thanks.
  14. coachtomv

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    Add USA Patriots WWWAST 18u please
  15. coachtomv

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    Can we pay asap with PayPal?
  16. xz2sdk

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    Added USA Patriots WWAST 18u. Thanks Tom.
  17. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    The tourney machine registration takes CC but I don't think it takes PayPal. You can use the same CC tied to the PayPal account.
  18. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    Added MOV Pride Premier 16u. TY.
  19. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    Added Firecrackers OH Blackie 14u. Thanks.
  20. xz2sdk

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    Added Chardon Storm 05 to 14u. TY

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