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    We are excited to announce that Ohio Lasers Blue 2010 will be a 9u team, based out of Central Ohio, for the 2019-2020 season.

    We are looking for hard-working, dedicated players who want to play and compete at a high level. We love multi-sport athletes with supportive and positive families!

    Lasers Blue 2010 will play a competitive schedule, against the best 10u teams in Ohio and surrounding states, that will challenge these young ladies as well as enhance their physical and mental development.

    -Outdoor practices in Baltimore, Ohio
    -Winter indoor practices in Columbus, Ohio

    -Travel League: Berliner
    -3 tournaments

    -Optional Hitting League: Columbus: additional cost
    -1-2 indoor tournaments

    -Berliner Travel League (tentative)
    -9-10 tournaments

    Private tryouts are available by request and a team tryout date will be posted soon.

    Please email with the following information:

    -Home city
    -Previous Team(s)
    -Positions (2)
    -Hit/throw R/L (slap?)
    -Parents names
    -Parents contact info

    Head Coach
    Jamey Binkley
    (740) 412-6650
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    Great coach, kuddos for Laser Nation and Jeff for snagging this guy to lead the 2010s! Knowing Jamey, they will be a staple in the Top 10 every week knocking off great 10U teams next year!
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