Lasers Silver 2nd Annual Memorial Day Shootout (Monday May 27, one day only, 14u, 16u, & 18u)

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    Reminder that entry fees are do next Friday 3/15. Thank you to those that have already sent it in.
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    I have received the majority of payments or know payments have been mailed (the master list in original post shows which payments have been received). If you haven’t sent payment or contacted me, please do so ASAP. Thank you to those who have already sent payment!

    Also, reminder that this is open roster so you can fill in with players as needed if you still have players playing in the state tourney (final 4) at this time.

    Last, I still have room for 2 teams. Don’t miss this opportunity to play 1 hour 45 minute games against great competition to start the summer. Contact me if interested.
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    Planning to finalize the schedule this weekend. Waiting on one team to finalize if they are in, so possibly room for one more team if they do not commit. Contact me if interested.
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    REMINDER that this is an open roster event. Teams can pick up players as needed, even if they are picking up players on another team participating in the event for one game.
    Also, like last year, we will be giving HR balls to the players that hit them, and also giving balls to players for extraordinary plays. We will leave this up to the umpires. Any questions, feel free to contact me.
    We are looking forward to a great day of ball with some of the best teams in the area from each age group (14u-18u).
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    Updated schedule & team list. What a great group of 14u-18u teams! Should be a great day of softball to get the summer kicked off!

    Coaches, reminder to send in your team insurance.

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