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  1. Lasersteal06

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    We are excited beyond words to announce that Lee Pyles,former coach of Lasers Green, will be taking over the duty of Head Coach for Lasers Teal next season. Lee brings with him over 20 years of coaching experience and has been very successful in leading teams through the showcasing and recruiting process. We are blessed to have such an opportunity for these players. Welcome to Lasers Teal, Lee!
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  2. BretMan2

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    Ha ha! I was talking with Lee at Berliner this past weekend and he told me that he was thinking about coming back as a coach. I think that the excitement and competition of the Laser’s tournament convinced him to do it! :D
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  3. Bink44

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    It is an absolute Blessing to be announced as the future head Coach of Ohio Lasers Teal 06, effective August 1st 2019. Steve & Tracey Muck have been instrumental in the success of Ohio Lasers Teal, and I am excited and energized to lead this talented group moving forward unto the next level at 13U and beyond!! It is my wish that Coach Steve will assist me through Tryouts, and the entire Muck Family always be a part of our Ohio Lasers Teal 06 Family!!

    For those in the 06 age group who don't know me, please check out our last Team...Ohio Lasers Green 01 @ , which I coached for 7 years from 2012 thru 2018. If you have any questions about tryouts, please contact me at 614-949-5292 or @

    God Bless,
    Lee Pyles
    Ohio Lasers Teal 06
  4. Passion4theGame

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    Congrats Lasers Teal & Lee. Steve has always done a wonderful job with his teams even back in the KAOS days before he moved to Lasers. I love the excitement and passion he brings to the field with his teams. Stay in touch Steve. If your done coaching hopefully we still get you behind the plate!

    Jeff Hill
    BJE 04
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  5. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Congrats, Lee ... though I think I should say congratulations to the Lasers for keeping such a good man and coach in the fold, and to the players (and their parents) who will be playing for Lee in the future!
  6. Bink44

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    Thanks Jeff, I really respect a compliment coming from you! After a 1 year break...I am so energized and focused, and I cant wait for a great return at the 13U level moving forward!!
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  7. Bink44

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    I am sure I will see you at Fire In The Sky 2020???
  8. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Lee ... Ricky and I aren’t doing the play by play anymore but if you’ll be there, I’ll make it a point to come see you!
  9. BouldersDad

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    Congratulations Lee the
    lasers made a good choice there
  10. It has been a great experience playing for Steve and Tracy. We are forever thankful they gave our daughter a chance to put on the gear and show everyone who did not want her, what she could do. They always believed in her! I know the decision was a difficult one, but from everything I hear and read, they have left Lasers Teal in exceptional hands! Looking forward to the future while not forgetting the past!!
  11. Bink44

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    Looking forward to attending the 5 Alarm Tourney next Saturday & Sunday up in Orville Ohio. Hoping to see some great softball and get an idea of what the 12U landscape looks like here in the BUCKEYE state :)
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  12. Lasersteal06

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    I have to say, after watching Lee interact with the girls and parents at our last practice, we definitely picked the right man.
    The past success that he would bring, we already knew about. The existing connections we knew about. What we hadn’t seen before was his passion for the game and his girls.

    Can’t wait to see what the coming years bring!
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  13. Run26

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    This is a no brainer. Lee has seen it all from Lasers White (for you really old folks) to national champs while coaching Lasers Green. He's probably one of the most respected coaches on the circuit and in the "Who's Who" of Ohio softball.

    I'm old but I may seriously think about having another kid if he would offer her a spot upon delivery. :)
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  14. stevemuck

    stevemuck New Member

    Coach Lee’s knowledge of the game and practice skills plus the interaction with the girls is amazing. The love he has for the game is phenomenal. With only four tournaments left this season,I could not feel more relieved having him take over the Teal girls. I want to thank Jeff Cavenaugh for giving me this opportunity the last 3 years. I’m greatly appreciative of it. The two of them have made Softball in Ohio great!!!
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  15. Bink44

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    Thank you Steve for the kind words!! What a blast we had this entire weekend up at the 5 Alarm Tourney in Orrville...I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity and I am so proud of our Girls and Parents for winning with class!!
  16. Bink44

    Bink44 Member

    Today as our Nation celebrates its Independence...I want to wish everyone a Blessed 4th of July!!

    With this being said, it is also time for me to share that our Ohio Lasers Teal 14U is looking to add 3 roster spots for next years 2019/2020 season. These 3 Positions are relatively specific and are as follows...

    1) A Co #1 Pitcher, who can also play 1st Base & Outfield.

    2) A Co #1 SS/2B, who can also play Outfield.

    3) A CO #1 Catcher, who can also play 3rd Base & Outfield.

    Looking for experienced Travel Ball players who are passionate, hard working and coachable!! Family's must be willing to SHARE, SACRAFICE & SUPPORT all other Players & Family's!! If hitting is a little on the light worries, as Coaching Hitting is one of my Strengths.

    If you and your Daughter are sincerely interested in our Ohio Lasers Teal 14U, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Lee Pyles
    Ohio Lasers Teal 14U
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  17. Bink44

    Bink44 Member

    Thank you for all the interest over the past couple of weeks!! We are Blessed to have filled the CO#1 Catcher position.
  18. D1softballmom

    D1softballmom New Member

    Hi Lee,

    We are relocating from AZ due to a job opportunity, our daughter will be in need of a new team. Can you let me know what kind of schedule you plan to play. Our daughter is an RHP/utility player, with power as a left handed hitter. We can put you in contact with her coach if you'd like our unbiased opinion on her skillset. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  19. Bink44

    Bink44 Member

    Just wanted to share that we are still looking to fill 1 or 2 roster spots mentioned previously. I will be at the Stingrays 12U , Pickerington North location , both tomorrow and Sunday. If anyone has sincere interest in our Ohio Lasers Teal Family, please don't hesitate to contact me or introduce yourself at the Ball Park!!
  20. Bink44

    Bink44 Member

    Wow I just watched this amazing lefty Slapper with Amazing speed!! Which made me think If there is a lefty slapper out there in the 06 class, that has amazing speed and hits from the left side. As a coach I have a great history with lefty slappers !!

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