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    We finished up the Ohio Stingrays Showcase (3rd place finish) with a tough 5-3 loss to a very talented and well coached Beverly Bandits Premier Team!! With that being said, we have filled the Co #1 Pitcher position!! We are now set...unless the fastest lefty 06 in Ohio decides to check us out!!
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    We just finished The Ohio Stingrays Showcase ( 3rd Place Finish) with a tough 5-3 loss to a very talented and well coached Beverly Bandits Premier Team!! With this being said, we have filled the Co#1 Pitcher position and our now set for the 2020 season!! Unless of course...the fastest 06 lefty in Ohio wants to join our Family... :)
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    We are still very serious about adding an elite Lefty slapper to develope into a true triple threat from the left side. looking for a player that can run a 2.7 to 2.8 home to first time. please contact us if there is any interest in learning about the direction we are taking into 13U.

    Lee Pyles
    Ohio Lasers Teal
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    Lee will be at Rotary Park this afternoon for anyone who may be interested in Lasers Teal. Diamond 12. He will also be at Berliner next weekend for the all Sanctioned World Series.
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    This may be a little off topic...but what the heck! In the course of the past hour...I have learned that 3 of the most respected Coaches that I went against in the 00 & 01 Classes have been named Head Coach of an elite 06 Team!!

    1) Eddie Chevelier-Lasers Silver 06
    2) Adam Accord-Ohio Outaws 06
    3) Tony Scabelli-Beverly Bandits 06

    I honestly see a 3 game Friendly being added to our 2019 Fall schedule...Iron sharpens Iron baby!!

    Lets keep Ohio Fastpitch strong and moving in a POSITIVE direction!!!
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    Coach Lee, you find your lefty slapped yet? Asking for a friend.
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    There’s a great Slapper Clinic down in Zanesville July 31st. Should be a lot of talent down there to scout out.
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    Well, I spent 2 days at Berliner and watched 13 games and saw 3 amazing players!! Unfortunatly I swung and missed on all 3.

    Player 1) Lefty Picher already committed to an 05 team over in PA.
    Player 2} Lefty Hitter not interested in us.
    Player 3} Lefty Leadoff was a 10U player that was just to young...LOL

    Jeff, I may have to make a trip to Zanesville :)
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    Lasers Teal 06 is still looking to fill our last roster spot. I will be at our Lasers Tryouts this Sunday August 4th...registration starts at 8:30m. Hope to see you there!

    John Bishop Park
    4815 Etna Rd
    Whitehall, Ohio (East Side of Columbus)
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    Looking forward to Tryouts Sunday!!
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    We were very fortunate to add our final player over the 2 day tryout this past weekend!! Thank you to everyone who contacted me for both private and public tryouts!! Now we are complete, and ready tp hit the training circuit over the next month!!

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