LC Lightning hosting 10/12/14U friendlies - 9/29 & 9/30

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  1. Treasure

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    LC Lightning will be hosting friendlies Sept 29th and 30th @ Johnson Park, Baltimore Oh
    Cost $125, 3 games, 75 minute drop dead, 1 umpire, balls provided, with concessions and onsite restrooms.
    10's and 12's to play on Sat 9/29 and 14's to play on Sun 9/30

    Location: Johnson Park
    220 Summers Choice Dr.
    Baltimore Oh. 43105

    If interested or if you have any questions contact
    Danny 614-738-6819 or email
    Kyle 614-668-6329 or email

    All levels welcome, competition will be matched up accordingly

    10U - can take one more
    1. LC Lightning 10U Blue
    2. New Albany Eagles
    3. Franklin Fury 10U
    4. MOV Pride 08 WV
    5. MOV Pride 08 OH

    12U - FULL

    1. LC Lightning 12U Blue
    2. Ohio Express '06
    3. Ohio Starz 11U
    4. Franklin Fury 12U
    5. Aftershock
    6. Cap City Force Fischer
    7. CO Vipers
    8. Ohio Hawks - Emswiler
    9. Vikings Elite 12U
    10. MOV Pride 07 WV


    1. LC Lightning 14U Blue
    2. LC Lightning 14U Black
    3. Classics 04
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  2. Treasure

    Treasure Member

    Added Aftershock to 12U and Classics 04 to the 14U group.
  3. Treasure

    Treasure Member

    Added USSSA Pride Navy to 10U
  4. Treasure

    Treasure Member

    Added Cap City Force and CO Vipers to 12U. Can take one more team in 12U.
  5. JAK00L11

    JAK00L11 Member

    Please enter MOV Pride 07-WV in the 12u division and MOV Pride 08-WV in the 10u division. Thanks!
  6. JAK00L11

    JAK00L11 Member

    Please enter MOV Pride 08-OH in the 10u division. Thanks!
  7. Treasure

    Treasure Member

    Added Ohio Hawks, Vikings Elite and MOV Pride 07 WV to 12U. We are now full in 12's.
    Added MOV Pride 08 WV and OH to 10U. Can take one more team there.

    Need more 14U teams. Can take 4-6 more.

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