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    2019/2020 LC Lightning tryouts

    Organization Facebook:


    Saturday, August 3rd
    Berliner Park - Columbus, OH

    11AM - 1PM
    Field #22
    Lightning 12U Blue (07/08's)

    11AM - 1PM
    Field #26
    Lightning 10U Blue (09/10's)

    130PM - 330PM
    Field #22
    Lightning 16U Blue (04's)

    130PM - 330PM
    Field #26
    Lightning 14U Black (05's)

    4PM - 6PM
    Field #22
    Lightning 14U Blue (06's)

    4PM - 6PM
    Field #26
    Lightning 16U Black (03's)

    **Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the tryout to register**
    **We have been advised by Columbus P&R that there will be a baseball and slow pitch tournament going on at same time as tryouts. As such, they may be collecting their typical $5 parking fee. We will reimburse you the $5 at out registration table if you turn in your parking pass.

    The following Saturday, August 10th, our 10U Blue and 12U Blue will host an additional tryout beginning at 10AM. This tryout will be held at Johnson Park. 248 Summers Choice Dr Baltimore, OH 43147.

    Below is the list of 2019/2020 LC Lightning teams with contact information. Feel free to reach out to the coach of your daughter's age group if you have questions or would like to see about a possible private tryout:

    2019-20 LC Lightning team info:

    LC Lightning 16U ('03)
    Head Coach (non-parent): Scott Schindler entering 11th season with LC Lightning (founding member of org)
    Assistant Coaches: Brian Nash

    LC Lightning 15U ('04)
    Head Coach: Jason Baughman, entering 3rd year with LC Lightning
    Assistant Coaches: Steve Bradley

    LC Lightning 14U ('05)
    Head Coach: Dan Dobbs, entering 8th year with LC Lightning

    LC Lightning 13U ('06)
    Head Coach: Jason Chevalier, entering 3rd season with LC Lightning
    Assistant Coach (non parent): Kyle Snider, entering 11th year with LC Lightning (founding member)

    LC Lightning 12U ('07/08's)
    Head Coach: Amanda Justice
    Assistant Coaches: Kara Firman & TBD

    LC Lightning 10U ('09/10's)
    Head Coach: Sarah Chevalier
    Assistant Coaches: Tracey Kochur
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    Updated info
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    Add'l info added. Looking forward to meeting some talented players on Saturday.

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