Looking for help regarding Video recording games this summer

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by wpaguy, May 22, 2020.

  1. wpaguy

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    I got a knock off version of a GoPro ...It would equal to GoPro 4 ....It can record in 4K , 1080 or 720 ...will take up to 64GB mini sd card ....Should I record in 1080 or 720 ? I think 720 will be good for 5-6 games

    Also thinking of using Facebook live , using a phone or older ipad mini
  2. Rerun

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    Are you planning to upload your videos to YouTube? Why steam them on Facebook and let them make money off your labor. Setup a YouTube account upload them to YouTube then everyone can watch them. You can even post them on the forum.

    If you have a IPhone Bluetooth your video from your recording device and use Imovies to edit them and upload them YouTube. You will save space on card and can film all weekend long.

    You should always record in 4K if you want it to look really good. But you can record down to 720p at 240fps but at 1080p you can only get 60fps to 30fps to slow for recording action on the diamond.

    And don’t trust the cards will hold what they claim. I have a cannon eos 50, iPhone 11 max and a GoPro. The cannon 50 eos hand down get the most out of the cards, iPhone leave about 2gb empty and says it. Full and the GoPro only get about 75% usage out of the card. All 3 do a great job when filming as long as everything is setup correctly for each device. Hope this helps.

    You need to practice working with your settings and go out and get filming done before the big game. Practice filming in different setting to determine the best settings on your camera and the conditions you’ll run into
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    Rerun, thanks for info. I was thinking face book live for the parents and maybe even coaches that cant see game live at least for the month of June ...Yes going to setup YouTube Channel and will upload games after the weekend. I think a 64GB card will only hold 1.5 hours if shot in 4K ....but if I shoot in 720 I should be able to get 5-6 games on 1 card . Maybe will use 2 cards . shoot 4K will daughters is pitching :)
  4. Rerun

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    What kind of knock off did you buy?
  5. DLamb

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    I have the Ekaso from Amazon...works great. Still deciding on the software available to compress the videos. I use power bank for battery life and copy files to laptop in the evening. Have been getting about 4 games on 1 card. 128gb card. Have every game from last summer to do still...now we are about to start this summer.
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  7. Yes...this is becoming popular real quick.

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