Looking to buy 11 inch softvalls

Discussion in 'Wanting to Buy' started by paul1795, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. paul1795

    paul1795 New Member

    I am in the central Ohio and I'm looking to buy 11 inch softballs. New or used it doesn't matter.
  2. Elisabeth Gonzalez

    Elisabeth Gonzalez New Member

    I have 70 top of the line 11inch softballs. 50 hard balls and 20 indoor training balls. These are not the cheap ones. These are the ones that come in individual boxes. A lot of dream seam that are 9.00 a piece. These balls are in good shape. I have a lot of money invested but daughter is bumping up to 12u. $ 150 I can meet in Columbus or Cincinnati. 513 850 5796
  3. okaydave

    okaydave New Member

    Let me know if you still need any. I have 22 - 11 inch softballs. My daughter moved up to 12" so we don't need these anymore. There are 19 Mac Gregor and 3 worth dream seams. They are in great condition. They all have leather covers. $45 for all of them. I am in Dublin.
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  4. Irish196

    Irish196 Member

    If you haven't sold those yet, let me know, I'll buy them. We are always looking for good (and cheap) balls for Stay in Softball.
  5. MadT

    MadT Member

    I have 23 11 inch balls for sale, collected them over the years of coaching. And no longer need them, let me know some are white, some are yellow. Will sell them for $30

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