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  1. JoeA1010

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    So many of the purple and white Xenos are being returned that they are making it extremely difficult to get the job done. I have called three times now, waited on hold forever, even left my phone number for a return call which never came. I finally got through to a human being and she immediately transferred me straight into a voice mail. They are also making customers fill out a bat registration form before you can get a "Return Authorization Number".

    Rest assured, this is all a scam, meant to make it as difficult as possible to get a replacement bat. It is similar to the disincentives created by companies to receive a rebate. I wish our girls didn't like the Xenos and then I wouldn't have to bother with Louisville Slugger.
  2. mogsoftball

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    Two years ago they had to put the 2103 xeno on the ban list and recalled them because of durability issues but I believe they did everyone rights with replacements.

    Didn't LS just get bought out by Wilson? Wonder if change of ownership is the cause of the hassle.
  3. snoman76

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    Last I heard there were ZERO xenos available.. MFG completely out of stock. This is coming from a shop owner, how true it is idk..
  4. Westler33

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    I have had almost 5 hours on hold to get a RA number for my DD's 2015 xeno and I waited almost 2 months to get it. I just now sent it back and it broke 2 months ago. Not very good customer service if you ask me.
  5. CARDS

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    Go MIKEN...
  6. Westler33

    Westler33 Member

    Miken is a great slowpitch bat but don't see many in the fastpitch world.
  7. I sent an LXT in for replacement in March, I wasn't even sure they'd deem it defective (slightly separating end cap), couldn't have been handled more smoothly. New bat sent no questions asked as promised.
  8. Sbcrazy

    Sbcrazy New Member

    I also sent my DD back separating at end cap,sent a replacement back. The process was easy and smooth. We had to send her Mako back not long ago cracks like a egg shell all the way through Easton was just as easy to work with.
  9. rocketboo27

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    I have found that going through someone that has a direct line and a personal relationship with a sales rep seems to get things done a little faster and usually at pretty good prices. sometimes a hitting instructor or a coach that has a good reputation in the fastpitch community. I have not had issues on returns or long delays just bought 4 2015 XENOS .. 3 on our team before I purchased these ...no problems yet. received 2 right away on 2 day shipping and 2 due saturday
  10. fastpitchaddict

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    Easton is no better...
  11. 3ballbratz

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    I just recently sent my daughters 2014 xeno back. She had a new 2015 in her hands in less than a week.
  12. Irish196

    Irish196 Active Member

    We just picked one up- so at least there was one available : )
  13. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    True they do not market the product like the others but there are still a a few college programs Miken and I seen a few national teams using them over the years.
    There are ladies using them granted not as many as the Xeno or CF series.For those that can swing them they are the real deal.

  14. SoCal_Dad

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    The oneX was recalled in 2013 and they replaced them with a Xeno plus another bat.

    In relation to the Louisville Slugger voluntary recall of the 2013 oneX, we hear your concerns. Again, we will do everything we can to support you, our loyal customers, through this situation. To that end, the replacement will be in the form of a Xeno, but we will provide more than just the bat. In addition to the Xeno we will give customers the choice of one of the following: A) a glove or bag with an $80 retail value. B) a $50 stored value gift card that's just like cash C) a 2014 oneX or equivalent bat to ship in August.

    That caused a shortage of Xenos, however the volume was smaller and more manageable for their customer service.

    I expect LS has cut back on production until they figure out the durability issue and how to fix it. That said, they need to figure out how to take care of their customers now or they'll lose them.
  15. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member



    Rumor has it the ball may be part of the issue… .47 core 375/400 comp. balls that a lot of tournaments are using may be too much ball for the XENO to handle.
    There are several blogs about ball safety, bat performance and the best bat for the ball being struck…I attached two..The NCAA study in the second link states the new .52-275 comp will help save bats and risk to players...

    Wood bat leagues seem to look better every year…I would take a wood bat and an old high seam super red dot any day...
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