Indoor Tournament Marion Indoor Live Hitting/Pitching

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    We have live hitting sessions available in Marion on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. The purpose of the sessions is to get live reps. It provides the pitcher, catcher, and hitter with a live game situation. Hitters will face live pitching and pitchers/catchers will face live hitters. Each at bat is 6 total pitches with 4 total hitters each 1/2 inning. Having 6 pitches per inning allows the pitcher/catcher/hitter to learn from mistakes during an at bat and of course allows for more reps. A typical hitter will easily get to see 30+ live pitches in a session. We have been running this since mid September and have had a great turnout. We have players from all levels and teams (12u up to HS age. A level & B level teams represented).

    Note, if signing up to pitch or catch, also sign up as a hitter in the same session if you want to hit in order to secure a hitting spot (you will only be charged for one). $10/player/session. Can't beat the value! See link below to sign up.

    Note, our greatest need each session is always catching. Sign up to catch and hit to get some quality reps in to get better. . . 1% better everyday!!/showSignUp/20f0848ada828a6fd0-open

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