Mason Robinson (Non-Parent Coach) Bo Jackson ELITE #1 Pitcher Needed

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    We are excited to welcome Mason Robinson to the Bo Jackson Elite family for 2019/2020 season. Mason will be the Head coach of our Bo Jackson Elite 05 team moving into 2019/2020 season. She is also the head varsity coach at Olentangy Orange and was a great player and ambassador to our sport on and off the field. Mason played for Lasers Black through her travel career and Murray State in college. Mason was a pitcher for her Racers team 2014-2017. Mason is also a great pitching instructor which is always nice to have during game time. If interested in trying out for Bo Jackson Elite please go to our website and register.
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    This team will be FIRE next year! we have a ton of interest from some high level talent coming from all over Ohio. If your DD has an 05 birth year I would recommend getting her registered for tryouts. Great opportunity to play for a very talented coaching staff.
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    I have 3 main memories about Mason.
    1. Our team played her in HS ball her senior year. She had already knocked the snot out of the ball twice for like 4-5 RBI and was up with the bases loaded. Our head coach (though not a great coach) decided it would be better to walk her with the bases loaded and give up 1 vs 3 or more. I thought he was an idiot but we got the next girl out so it probably worked out for the best. :)
    2. She did more damage in summer ball with a team called Championship Fastpitch versus Lasers Black. True ambassador for that 1 team organization.
    3. She's very tall.
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    Mason will be holding her final tryout tomorrow (Sunday August 4th) from 5-7pm at the Bo Dome! This is an awesome opportunity for girls that want to play a competitive schedule and have non parent coaching staff!
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    Are you still looking for players?
  6. Passion4theGame

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    Yes. Please contact Head Coach Mason Robinson.

    (740) 816-6143
  7. Passion4theGame

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    Still looking for #1 type pitchers.

    Call Mason if interested.
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