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  1. VE_05

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    I'eW been hosting friendlies for about 2 years now and enjoy them so im gonna have another one. This one will be May 19th in ashville ohio. Would like atleast 3 teams but can schedule up to 6. We would play each other once with 1 hour 15 min drop dead. Cost would be $125 ish each. We have 2 diamonds, plenty of warm up room and possibly full concession available. Be a pretty relaxed setting. Coach could be on the field. Bat lineup. We will have 1 ump per game and get a new game ball each game.

    Contact me if your interested.


    1. Viking elite 05
    2. Cincinnati magic
    3. Grove city racers
    4. Cincinnati slammers 05
    5. Mid ohio lady bullets
    6. Buckeye heat 05

    I can take 2 more.
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  2. VE_05

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    Bumped for corrected date.. this will be on Saturday.
  3. VE_05

    VE_05 Active Member

    3 more spots open.
  4. coachferrari

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    Cincy Slammers 05 is interested. Contact Coach Ferrari 504-908-0100. Thanks!
  5. VE_05

    VE_05 Active Member

    Added MOB. Still have 1 more spot open possibly 2.
  6. VE_05

    VE_05 Active Member

    I can have up to 2 more team' if anyone Is interested.
  7. VE_05

    VE_05 Active Member

    If anyone is interested, we have 2 more spots open.

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