OHIO TRYOUTS Miami Valley Xpress Tryouts (10u-18u)

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    There is still time to register. Tryouts are next week.

    Miami Valley Xpress is excited to take registrations for 2021 tryouts. We are thrilled to be offering teams at every age level this year with many great players planning to return for the 2021 season. Pre-registration is required and our tryouts should be a great experience for all players in attendance. We look forward to hearing from you.

    2021 Teams and Coaches:

    10u- Xpress 11: Johnson
    10u - Xpress 10: Parrett
    12u - Xpress 09: Cooper
    12u - Xpress 08: Coffey, Poteet, Brown
    14u - Xpress 07: Harvey, Pittsenbarger
    14u - Xpress 06: Steele
    16u -Xpress 05: Neuss
    16u -Xpress 04: Rose
    18u -Xpress 02-03: Sadler

    Register here:

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    What about the weather. How will the word get out?

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