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    The Miamisburg Sting 14U (Carter) team is looking for an additional catcher.

    We are currently sitting at 11 players with a very solid pitching staff and are looking to add one more strong catcher/utility player. We are a mix of 02 and 03 players, so we will consider a strong 02 or 03 for this position. We are looking for a player with good speed and a strong glove. Catching experience is also a plus.

    The following are some details about the team:
    Head Coach: Chuck Carter
    Age Mix: mostly 02's, but with a mix of very strong 03's
    Coach Carter's Info:
    This will be Coach Carter's 9th year coaching select softball and he is currently the active President of Sting Fastpitch. He has had a very successful career with the Sting organization and has coached many the ELITE Sting teams, since 2009.

    Team Info:
    The 14U (Carter) team has a strong core that has been together for the last 2-3 years and has been VERY COMPETITIVE. This team has a ton of heart and is a great group a girls. You can see how we did the last couple of years (record/results) here:

    We expect our 2017 tournament season to consist of the following:

    Fall 2016
    2 local Tournaments
    - 9/11 Beavercreek
    - 9/17-18 TBD (friendly)

    Summer 2017 (8 Tournaments)
    4 College Exposure (e.g. GAPSS, Buckeye Recruit Fest, Orrville, etc..) - still working on the plans for this
    4 Local tournaments (within 60 minutes of Dayton)
    * We are also looking at going to the USSSA world series in Orlando - this is under discussion with our players/parents right now.

    If you are interested and would like to checkout our team, please contact Coach Carter at (937) 623-0515 or We can setup a private try-out (or) you can attend one of our weekly fall practices (contact Coach Carter for a try-out / practice date).
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