Micaela Minner - Former Akron Racer/Mizzou Alumni - Hitting/Softball Clinics - New Remodeled Facilit

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  1. CLINIC THIS WEEKEND! Micaela Minner - Former Akron Racer/Mizzou Alumni - Hitting/Softball Clinics - New Remodeled Facility

    Myself and Darcy Thompson are super EXCITED TO LAUNCH OUR BRAND NEW WEBSITE TO GO WITH OUR BRAND NEW INSTRUCTORS!!!!! PLEASE CHECK OUT http://dandmsportstraining.com/ THIS IS THE PLACE TO BOOK US, SCHEDULE TEAM PRACTICES, CREATE A PROFILE AND BECOME A PART OF THE D AND M SPORTS TRAINING COMMUNITY!!! If you aren't already in our schedule at least create a new account so you can sign up for the clinics ("CLICK ENROLLMENTS") we host monthly and receive information on the latest! We are excited to build a professional relationship with each family and create a very close knit community with all our members! We are also in the process of getting all new awesome gear: official member gear - hoodies, matching sweats, shorts, tee's, long sleeves, and tanks! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! One of our new instructors is Chris Skinner! He is a big advocate of proper mechanics and will be teaching the exact same hitting method as myself. We are so happy for him to join our staff. Alanna Barker has relocated her AB Pitching Academy to a new location.

    We are hosting our first clinic of the fall and will host one every month! The October Clinic will be covering the swing mechanics and running form. It will be on October 25th 6-8:30pm! Cost $50. All ages and the athletes will be grouped together by their age. All clinics will be capped at 30 players. Last year we had a waiting list, the first to sign up lock in their spot. You can sign up for it by responding to this thread, signing up on our website, or emailing me at micaelaminner@gmail.com Our address is 1647 Southeast Ave. Tallmadge, OH.

    Here are the dates for all fall/winter clinics:
    Oct. 25th 6:00pm-8:30pm - Swing Mechanics-8 Absolutes-The Minner Method/Running Form
    Almost full - we have 8 more slots as of 10/22/15

    Nov. 21st 6:00pm-8:30pm - Infield/Outfield Specifics - how to field, how to de-cleat, how to creep, how to move to the ball, where the glove goes on forehand and backhand, footwork for a double play, how to dig, how to tag, understanding body position based on the where the ball is, understand drop steps, how to crow hop, tracking the ball in the air, change directions while running for a ball break down, footwork for a relay, throwing on the run and then with Darcy she will cover importance of leg drive and core strength in all aspects of the game.
    Already 5 signed up.
    25 more spots

    Dec. 12th 6:30pm-8:30pm - Hitting and Understand TIMING!! - How do I know when the bat should hit the ball, how do I know when to load, how do I know when to take a step, slow pitcher, fast pitcher, change ups??????? Then with Darcy she will cover the importance of upper body strength and how that affects the throw, the swing, and why its so important for the back to be strong in the game!
    Already 3 signed up
    27 more spots

    Jan. 24th, 2016- 5:00pm-7:30pm -
    Micaela Minner
    will break down the mechanics of sliding, knowing when, how to slide-to slide feet first, head first, hook slide, pop up slide. She will also cover running the bases with proper technique, how lead off and how far, what to look for to create aggressiveness, how to turn a single into a double, knowing when and how to take an extra base, understanding how the body should turn to track the ball after its hit, knowing what to do as a runner when there isn't a force play, and how to watch the catcher who determines how you slide into home plate. (From 5pm-6:55pm - 1hr. 55min) (5 min water break)
    Darcy Thompson, the strength and conditioning coach, will cover from 7:00-7:30pm (30min): the importance of being agile with quick feet. She will explain how to increase flexibility. She will put the athletes through a circuit to work on the aspects of speed quickness, and agility.
    Already 2 signed up
    28 more spots

    Feb. 28th, 2016 5:00pm-7:30pm
    Understanding the mental game of softball, how to handle pressure situations - bases loaded with 2 outs, your team is losing by 1 run, and you're up to bat, how to handle as a pitcher - the same situation, how to slow down your heart rate, how to deal with negative thoughts when you think "I can't do this" which is very normal to feel, how to control the mind and keep the noise out, how to handle negative teammates, how to handle mean coaches, bad umpires, what to do when you clearly see that the other pitcher is "really good", what to do when you clearly see the other team is "really good", how to handle bad field conditions, how to believe in yourself "for real" - THEN HIT OFF LIVE PITCHING WITH AN UMPIRE. I will be filming to help hitters understand when to load and step. This will get hitters prepared for their spring season. Then Darcy will be covering eating habits, how to prepare before a game, how to warm up before a game, the importance of bands - all athletes that throw a ball especially pitchers should have bands in their bags, what to do after the game, how to stretch, and how to prevent injury!
    Already 2 signed up
    28 more spots left

    VISIT THE WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS WWW.DANDMSPORTSTRAINING.COM - ONCE you click "get started" click enrollments to see all the info on the clinics!
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