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    Just a head up for anyone considering a tourney held at this site in Indianapolis : Forget about it

    The entire facility is a dump from the parking lot to the fields to the concessions.

    They charge 6 dollars per person and it’s obvious none of that money is put back into the facility, the bathrooms were a disaster , the trash was overflowing and the fields were ignored after the first game and this was at The Indiana Magic Gold tourney this past weekend

    Save your money and your time
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    Ticket lady was a sweetheart. ..........................................................................that's bout it.
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    I was wondering did you complain to the tournament director about the conditions at this tournament?

    i’m really surprised that the bathrooms would be a disaster especially with everything going on currently across the nation with COVID-19
  4. That is a shame to read this. Midwest along with Expressway Park in Cincy used to be the 2 best private complexes in the Midwest, maybe in the entire Eastern US. Both were ran well, always clean, and all in all geared up to treat families and players well.

    When I played and started running events, Midwest was always a signature park and NSA had an Adult World Series there every year. I even worked there on a couple of tournament committees in the mid 2000's before I started to get more involved in fast pitch. It was always an easy sell to get the adult teams to attend something being held at Midwest back in the day because the park was always well kept.

    Expressway got their golden parachute when the Cincinnati FC soccer club wanted the property to build their training center. Midwest was supposedly sold years ago to a school district then leased back to the same owner for $1 per year or something crazy like that.

    I know the Pandemic is no excuse for sheer laziness but private parks are struggling with no income for the spring. Midwest used to start running in mid March and the adult tourneys kept the place filled until mid April when the youth took over.

    Maybe there glory days are way behind them?
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    This is sad to hear, i played a ton there myself and coached quite a few tournies there, it was always well maintained. There was nothing like sitting on the top patio on a friday night with a beer so big you could swim in watching games.
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