Non-Sanctioned Tourney Monster Bash Showcase - Dayton OH - 4gg - Oct 28-30, 2022 – 10u to 18u

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    October 28-30, 2022 DAYTON Monster Bash Showcase Tournament

    Based on requests, we ar hosting the popular Monster Bash Showcase in Dayton at a turf field complex.

    Where: Action Sports Center with TURF FIELDS (Google Map Link), & potentially other area parks

    Divisions: 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, & 18u (23u can email me - may add div)

    Cost: $395 (10u), $495 (12u), and $555 (14/16/18u)

    HOLD SPOT NOW ... PAY LATER ... hold the date

    Payment: Checks or Credit Card (3rd party processing fees may apply)
    Please register via Tourney Machine (link below).

    Format (weather & conditions permitting):
    • 4 gg – 3 pool play followed by single elimination
    • PP begins Friday at 5:15 to beat sunset ... however, NO FRIDAY is an option
    • College coaches invited so 14/16/18u roster packages being created (weekend only based on NCAA regulations)

    CLICK Here to Register via Tourney Machine
    (can also pay via CC or elect to mail check)

    College Coaches: We are inviting universities.

    No Stay-To-Play requirement


    Teams and spectators must be able & willing to follow all COVID guidelines if still in effect.

    • 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, & 18u
    • 75 minutes finish the inning, weather permitting. Umpire keeps official time.
    • Two (2) certified umpires for PP and Bracket games as availability allows (may be 1)
    • 10u will have one certified umpire for PP games and two for bracket play
    • Championship games 7 innings with no time limit (weather permitting)
    • Can bat roster all weekend. If using subs, they must be used as runner before going to last batted out, or furthest away if no-outs.
    • Run rules of 12, 10, 8 after 3, 4, 5
    • Latest USA rules apply (Note: courtesy runners can be anyone as of Jan 2018)
    • Pitching distances: 43’, 40’, and 35’ based on division.
    • Home team determined by coin flip for PP.
    • Highest seed has choice for elimination play. If same seed, then coin flip.
    • 1B safety bags will be in place and batters are expected to use orange bag and avoid contact.
    • Umpire discretion calls cannot be protested.
    • $100 protest fee, payable in cash before protest permitted (if won, refund given)
    • Pitchers get 3 warm-up pitches in each inning. A new pitcher gets 5.
    • Courtesy runners may be used for pitchers/catchers.
    • Teams must quickly exit the field to make room for the next team.
    • Home team to keep official book and visiting team to confirm accuracy.
    • PP games can end in a tie.
    • Single elimination scheduled to start on Sunday.
    • Check in one hour before 1st game to verify attendance. Need: 1) Insurance copy, 2) Birth Certs in case of challenge which are not collected.
    • Check in materials to be emailed (pdf, etc.)
    • Refund Policy: Started games will be considered played. Refunds are per: 0 played=full fee minus $150, 1 played=full fee minus $275, 2 played=full fee minus $425, 3 or more=$0 (based on full fee).
    • Individual awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers
    • Team awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers
    • REGISTRATION NOT COMPLETE until payment received.
    • Once full, teams will be added to wait list and registered teams will be given notice to pay to retain spot. Teams unpaid after reasonable notice might be replaced with wait-listed team so we can begin working on schedule as early as possible.

    See Tourney Machine Document section for additional information, field maps and more. Will post when event is closer.

    Thank you for helping support our softball program.
    Showcase for 14/16/18u.

    Other Activities for younger teams, and those young at heart:
    • 10u & 12u only ... Saturday Halloween costume contest with prizes ... may play in costume (Saturday only) IF umpires deem safe (numbers not required on costume) - team pictures
    • 10u & 12u required to bring one large team decorated pumpkin for smashing
    • NO SMASHING for 14-18u.
    • Pumpkins to be turned in at check-in and be clearly marked with division & team name
    • Large non-carved pumpkins.
    • Fall activity in community being sent (Haunted house, pumpkin patch, hayride, etc.)
    • More information to follow

    If requesting NO Friday games, simply add $10 to entry fee. If you can play Friday, simply use the coupon code below to get this fee removed from tourney machine.

    Promo Code:

    We are adding this innovation to allow teams to truly control their Friday schedule. Furthermore, the request to not play Friday used to be uncommon (~20% of teams) but now we estimate that ~80% of teams make the request. It is understandable but the nominal fee truly shows who needs NF. The unexpected downside of NF requests is that teams who can play Friday (local teams) tend to play each other over and over as they are placed in the same pool repeatedly. Plus, some field rentals include Friday, regardless of usage.

    Joe Angelo
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    Team list.
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    Added Cincy Doom Gold 18u. TY.
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    Added several teams.
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    Added Pitt Ldy RR 12u. TY.
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    Added OH Lightning Harkness 16u. TY.
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    Added Erie Frost 12u. TY.

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