Monster Invitational at YSU WATTS

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    Seeking the best 10u, 12u, & 14u teams for a 3 gg RR indoor event at YSU WATTS center on March 13, 2022.

    $425, paid in advance and with application or via CC on Tourney Machine​

    YSU WATTS Center (Facility Link Here)​

    Sunday March 13, 2022​

    7:00 AM - Doors Open to Staff
    7:10 AM - Doors open to Teams (please allow staff to setup)
    8:00 AM - Play Begins
    9:30 PM - Play Concludes​

    Pool Schedules:
    We will TRY scheduled to play over 4 time slots (e.g. play, play, break, play) or 5 time slots (play, break, play, break, play). This is NOT guaranteed.​

    Team Count:
    We expect to take the best 12 teams over the three divisions. If we are forced to not offer a specific division, the team counts on the remaining divisions will be increased to accommodate 12 teams total. If more than 4 teams in a division, you will not play all the other teams.​

    A basic concession with light refreshments will be available. Outside food is NOT permitted in the building as food types are highly regulated by the facility. We do expect to have coffee, drinks, and some light snacks.​

    We are NOT charging for parking but YSU lots might charge for parking. Most Sunday's are FREE because the parking booths are not manned. This is out of our control and random.​

    A gate fee of $3.00 will be charged for non-players to support students working event. Two coaches per team are granted free entry.​

    Spectators are welcome. There is ample room but they need to bring their own chairs. We will ask the facility to give us chairs for team dugouts. It tends to be warm in the WATTS Center but plan to be flexible. We also suggest NOT sitting too close to the netting.​

    There will be ample area within the facility to warm up. We ask for hitting & t-work to be done inside the batting cages on the south wall of the facility. Teams & coaches only in the warm up area.​


    Email Joe for application document (Click Here). You will be given form and instructions for mailing payment. You can also post on this thread to get added but I will need your email so I can send you the application.

    You may also pay by registering and paying via CC on Tourney Machine (link below). We are using Tourney Machine for registration payments only.

    Registration Deadline:
    Saturday January 15, 2022 (payment and form MUST BE RECEIVED by this date)

    Decision Process:
    We have a group of local and non-local coaches who evaluate and rank the applications. Each coach's vote counts equally. There is a discussion process before voting.​

    Decision Date:
    We will notify managers no later than Saturday January 22, 2022 by noon, or earlier.​

    Refunds, if required:
    Refunds will be mailed about one week after the decision announcement if a team payed via check. Note: Checks are deposited upon receipt to ensure they clear.

    If a team pays via Tourney Machine, $425 will be refunded to the CC. Tourney Machine does charge a processing fee and we cannot refund that amount because we do not receive that fee.​

    Tournament/Play Info:

    • 10u, 12u, & 14u Top teams will be chosen based on application
    • Three (3) GG, round robin format. Weather not an issue. Get quality winter reps.
    • Format will be 75 min, finish the inning but 85 min drop & revert if necessary per USA rules so we can play as many games as possible and keep the schedule on a 90 minute cycle. This is approximate as we will use the time (Eastern) to finish games. For example, the 8 am game finish the inning will start at 9:15 am and the drop/revert point is at 9:25 am. This ensures the facility runs on time. If you start a few minutes early, then you get a bit of extra play. Umpire must be ready also and they dictate start as well.
    • Round-Robin format, assuming 4 teams per pool. Each team scheduled for 3 games, regardless of the number of teams in a pool/division.
    • Bat roster and free defensive substitutions
    • Unsanctioned but need to provide valid insurance (any provider)
    • Games can end in a tie
    • One umpire per game.
    • Softballs provided.
    • Team check-in upon arrival
    • All teams must have insurance and bring birth certs in event of a challenge
    • Latest USA rules apply
    • Not a tournament format so division "winners" not determined. Just best possible winter reps and a reasonable game time. No trophies / rings.
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    hold spot
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    Team list updated
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    Team list updated
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    Added West Hills 10u. TY.
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    Added Pitt Lady RR 18u. TY.
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    Added Wolfpack 10u.
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    Added Ohio Outlaws 08 to 14u. TY.
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    Applications due this week. Email me if interested.
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    Added Outlaws National 14u.
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    Added Lasers 12u.
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    Still time to submit. Contact me tomorrow.

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