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Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by daboss, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Perhaps others can help me understand something. If you start a new thread, why does it become duplicated, some times multiple times, and the duplication is left posted for people to read and respond? I'm not talking about the team posts that are actually different in intent because they refer to different age groups. I'm speaking of posts that are simply duplicated for whatever the reason. I have made mistakes many times and edited. Am I wrong but can't the person creating the thread simply delete one if it were duplicated?

    I would think you would only want one post. If not, you'll have others responding to different postings and it could get lost in the shuffle. I know it some times takes a while for you to see your new posting/thread appear on here but don't people come back to see if they have any responses? If you see it doubled or more, eliminate the extras. It doesn't matter how it happened. We all make mistakes. Mine may be starting this thread. lol

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