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  1. Lake Erie Rage
    Ohio Hit Club
    Lake Erie Rage
    Mavericks Fastpitch (Not same as Ohio mavericks)

    Impressive list so far; didn't realize this many teams existed.
  2. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member

    Team Mizuno/Triple Crown Royals

    are there any Ohio Glory teams left?
  3. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Triple Crown Royals 03/02 team is legit. We played up as a 14u team this past summer and played the triple crown team and i was very impressed. I really liked their coach and their girls carried themselves very well. Alot of confidence and swag.

    Ohio Glory is a dead....

    Sluggers fast pitch. There's actually 2 different Sluggers orgs in Ohio.

    We would need an Excel spread sheet and contact each sanctioning body and get all teams that registered dump them into excel and sort out the duplicates. Matt this could be a fun little project. Lol. Give us a breakdown of each division too please. Also Each Class of each division. Lol.
  4. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    People are really going to have to put that dictionary/thesaurus to work to find more names I would imagine!!
  5. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Matt how the heck you do it?! 3 girls playing travel at high level and now a boy playing travel baseball?! good Lord!! Guess that's another thread in itself!
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  6. StarzzDad

    StarzzDad New Member

    Ohio Hurricanes are no more...their 16u team went to Thunder Elite this past season.
  7. Springfield HEAT is looking for one more pitcher.
  8. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bob's waterbed Elite might still be out there... :rolleyes:
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  9. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member

    Ohio Nightmare
  10. coachtomv

    coachtomv Active Member

    They had a going out of business sale....again. But there is always these possibilities: Weakened Warriors, Hit For Brains, Inglorious Batters, Pitch Slappers, Ice Cold Pitchers, and others. :)
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  11. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member

    New ones I've seen in the last couple days:

    Cincy Landsharks
    Mid-Ohio Valkyries
  12. Bean2019

    Bean2019 Member

    I think the criteria is greater than $500 in team fees . . . . and at least $1,000 in outside travel expenses per player/family . . . :) I suspect that there are several class A rec teams listed that may travel from time to time (I see at least one on the list above) . . . still a lot of teams out there and a lot of options . . . I thought that I had attended a lot of different tournaments over the last 4 or 5 years but I guess not as I probably haven't heard of (let alone seen) about 1/2 of the teams above.

    I think Miami County Blaze still exists (I think they are different from Ashland Blaze?)
  13. [QUOTE="I think Miami County Blaze still exists (I think they are different from Ashland Blaze?)[/QUOTE]

    The MC Blaze are still around. They help me out most of the time when we run events at Duke Park in Troy with field touch ups between games.

    Curt has said this is his last go around. Unless someone in their group is willing to take the reins, they will finish out each teams run up the age groups with the teams they have currently and then fade off into the sunset..........
  14. Run26

    Run26 Active Member

    Sponsored by Jimmy Buffet
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  15. coachtomv

    coachtomv Active Member

    Are the Honey Badgers till around, one of my personal favorites.
  16. Julie

    Julie Member

    Lake Erie Rage

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