NEO Freeze 14U and 16U tryouts!!!

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  1. Monday 7/29
    Tuesday 7/30
    Tuesday 8/6
    Wednesday 8/7
    Location: Homestead Ball Field, 435 East Homestead St, Medina, OH 44256
    Complete advance registration online at
    Registration and warm up 5:30, Tryouts 6-8pm Pitchers: 8-8:30pm
    Pitchers must provide someone to catch for them.
    Call Hunter Lawrence at 216-339-1905 or visit our website.
  2. Look forward to seeing everyone at tryouts!!!!
  3. Thanks to everyone that caome last night. 3 more nights of tryouts left. Both teams still have spaces to fill including pitchers and middle infielders.
  4. Two nights of tryouts remaining. 16U loooking for pitching, middle infielders, and 3rd baseman.
    14u still looking for middle infielders and a pitcher as well.
  5. 16U Still looking for that special shortstop.........hope we see you tonight
  6. Follow @freezefastpitch on Twitter for updates to tryouts in the event of bad weather.
  7. Great tryout tonight ladies!!! We were blessed with dry weather until after we were done. One more to go tomorrow Wednesday 8/6/19.

    16U Looking for pitching , a take charge center fielder and a utility player. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.

    14U decisions will be made for all positions after final tryouts tomorrow.

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