New Indoor softball facility to open in Blue Ash(Cincinnati)

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    Starting in Sept there will be a new facility open designed exclusively for softball. It will have 4 cages and a open field area that will be 80x50 for drills and short infield practice. Looking for instructors and teams wanting to rent facility on a monthly basis, will also have times set up for personal use. There will be a store front also selling all goods needed for the game and sold at very good discounts. I will have college coaches coming in and doing hitting camps and bat demo days will be also coming. If interested please contact me asap I do have lots of interest but would love to see the place full of softball kids. Those who know me know I'm all about the kids it's not about the money so that's why i've opened this place to make it cheaper and more softball involved from the practices to the gear. Again if interested please give me a call.

    Thanks, Shep

    Tim Shepherd (513) 236-4147
  2. tshepherd

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    Looking for instructors looking for a good place to train out of if you have any interest please give me a call.
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    Have some spots open if interested come see it
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    Shep's Indoor Training
    11431 Williamson Rd
    Blue Ash Oh 45241
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    It’s a nice place, plenty of room, and really nice turf.

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