New Summer League - TRAVEL TEAMS ONLY

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    TRAVEL TEAM ONLY - Summer League
    * $200 Entry fee + $10 per game umpire fee
    * Guaranteed 10 games
    * More games will be scheduled based on the number of entries. (if we can schedule more games, we will, but you will NOT be charged any more for additional games over your 10 minimum guaranteed.)
    * League championship awarded

    Coaches, this is a great and affordable option to get some extra work. Your maximum charge is $20 per game (plus umpire fees), with a good opportunity to play more. Our fields are lighted. We'll play at 6:00 and 8:00 Tuesday nights.

    Each team must be a travel team. Either an A or B level team. You can be sanctioned through either the PFG, ASA, USSSA or other sanctioning body for entry into the TRAVEL TEAM ONLY league. You must provide verification of your travel team registration prior to playing.

    The idea of this league is to give travel teams a place to play weekly where you can have an opportunity to work on some things between tournaments. We will not accept any Rec teams into this league, unless the team also competes as a travel team and can provide verification of such.


    Contact Cory Bryan for details.
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