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  1. The Ohio Stingrays are pleased to announce that the NFCA EXCEL Camp is coming to Columbus again. Participation in this NFCA administered camp is an outstanding way to showcase softball talent to a large cross-section of college coaches. In a camp setting, coaches get to see lots of repetitions at the defensive position and double digit swings at the plate. It guarantees that coaches see athletes field, throw and hit, in case these opportunities don't present themselves in a game situation.

    The 2018 NFCA EXCEL Camp is Thursday, July 12th at:

    Fred Beekman Park
    The Ohio State University Campus
    2200 Carmack Road
    Columbus, OH 43210

    In this NFCA EXCEL Camp, athletes will be provided both hitting and defensive instruction by college coaches. Defensively, athletes will select their position of choice for this intense, unique learning opportunity. From there, they will rotate to hitting and base running. In the afternoon session, ALL athletes will compete in games coached by the college coaches working the camp. The list of college coaches that will be participating in the on-field portion of this camp is currently being put together by the NFCA and will be announced in the near future.

    Registration for this camp is now open to athletes in the 2018/2023 high school graduating classes. Athletes must have completed the 7th grade, no junior college athletes will be accepted. Please go to the link below to access and complete the application:


    The camp schedule is as follows:
    Warm-up (to be completed on your own): 8:00 am to 8:45 am
    College Coach Instruction (Hitting, Base Running, Position Play): 9:00 am to Noon
    Competitive Games and Educational Q&A: 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm

    All applicants will be contacted via e-mail with information related to camp status. Athletes do not have to be playing in the Ohio Stingrays Showcase to be able to participate in this camp.

    Please remember that the NFCA EXCEL Camp is administered by the NFCA, not the Ohio Stingrays Showcase staff. Address all camp questions to Jamie Hazel by emailing jamie@nfca.org or calling 502-409-4600. Thanks!
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