Odds of making a DI softball roster playing High School ball only

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  1. SoftballBomb

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    It all depends on what state you’re from. Your odds of playing a DI program if your high school in California are 28-1 compared to Vermont 592:1.

    1.) California 28:1
    2.) Georgia 31:1
    3.) Florida 35:1
    4.) North Carolina 36:1
    5.) Delaware 36:1
    6.) Virginia 37:1
    7.) Arizona 37:1
    8.) Nevada 38:1
    9.) Hawaii 41:1
    10.) Tennessee 43:1
    11.) Louisiana 47:1
    12.) Indiana 50:1
    13.) Texas 52:1
    14.) Illinois 54:1
    15.) South Carolina 56:1
    16.) Utah 57:1
    17,) Maryland 59:1
    18.) Connecticut 61:1
    19.) Nebraska 62:1
    20.) New Jersey 65:1
    21.) Montana 72:1
    22.) Colorado 76:1
    23.) Alabama 78:1
    24.) Washington 79:1
    25.) Oklahoma 80:1
    26.) Ohio 83:1
    27.) New York 84:1
    28.) Kentucky 85:1
    29.) Rhode Island 86:1
    30.) Missouri 90:1
    31.) Iowa 91:1
    32.) Mississippi 94:1
    33.) New Mexico 95:1
    34.) Idaho 96:1
    35.) Alaska 97:1
    36.) Michigan 104:1
    37.) Arkansas 105:1
    38.) Kansas 111:1
    39.) Pennsylvania 112:1
    40.) Oregon 114:1
    41.) New Hampshire 136:1
    42.) Massachusetts 149:1
    43.) West Virginia 152:1
    44.) Wisconsin 227:1
    45.) South Dakota 256:1
    46.) Minnesota 273:1
    47.) Wyoming 296:1
    48.) Maine 341:1
    49.) North Dakota 354:1
    50.) District of Columbia 478:1
    51.) Vermont 592:1
  2. Stedman00

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    where did these stats come from???
  3. SonicMojo

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    It comes from here. http://www.scholarshipstats.com/softball.htm
    The thread subject is completely off. What the numbers are saying (from 2018) is, for example, 1 out of every 28 girls who play high school softball in the state of California made a Division 1 softball roster. Only 1 out of every 83 girls in Ohio who played high school softball ended up on a Division 1 roster. It has nothing to do with also playing travel or not playing travel.
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  4. DanMaz

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    your odds increase greatly when you put in the work to get recruited!!!
    (and i dont mean working out)
    It doesn't matter what state you come from. I am not a big fan of polls. JMHO
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  5. SoftballBomb

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    That’s true the odds only represent high school players only and doesn’t take into consideration if you play travel ball or not. Just so you aware the odds haven’t change much since 2018. I tried looking up the odds on players that played travel ball that played at DI School but really haven’t had much luck finding that information. I’m sure if we looked at the numbers and could really come up with a true database The odds for travel players would look very similar as they do for high school players playing at DI School’s. Yes the Odds would be different and more favorable towards travel players I’m sure. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the rankings wouldn’t be about the same or close.
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    The odds really improve when as Sam Kenison would Scream .... THERE ACTUALLY IS HIGH SCHOOL BALL .... AGGGH
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  7. PaulP

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    I’m guessing it’s very rare for a girl that only played high school to receive a D1 offer. Head-coaching jobs for a D1 university are hard to get and keep. If I were a head coach, I’d pick players that dedicated their spare time to softball while in high school.
  8. DanMaz

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    Ohhhh ohhhhhhh OOHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  9. SMc4SMc

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    I'd guess players from powerhouse GA high schools could compete on the highest collegiate levels solely from a high school resume' especially if they have demonstrated excellence in State Playoffs and State Championships over their career.

    * HS softball during football season... haven't heard the push for the switch in a while. Seniors would have had a complete season this year. *
  10. Xrayaries

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    I think if you put the work in during the summer and get to camps during the off season it is highly possible for a talented HS only player to get an offer.
  11. Captain_Thunder

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    And how many of the Star Players for those teams do you think only play school ball and don't play Travel Ball???
  12. DanMaz

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    zippo - i dont think these stats have any value what so ever! :confused:
  13. SMc4SMc

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    I'd suspect the few elite that are outstanding dual athletes where something like track and field is primary and their HS puts them in an unique position favorable to GA athletes because they have a system in place that gets coaches to see GA high school games.
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