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  1. Ohio Freedom 16u is looking for a pitcher for the 2020 season.

    The ladies selected for the 16u team will have a full sponsorship of all league fees, uniforms. bat bags and other costs as determined by the coaches. There will be no cost to the individual player. Our desired athlete is a young lady with good academics and wishing to pursue college softball at the DII or DIII level. Our coaches and organization will assist with videos for potential college coaches and communication with schools the ladies desire to attend. The coaches will also schedule preparation for improving the athlete's ACT score and will provide guidance on filling out and applying for FAFSA.

    Ohio Freedom is a fastpitch organization based out of the Akron area.

    If there are any questions, call or text Jeff at 216-509-4347.
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    You posted this on every forum please stop! We get the picture you need a pitcher. Many teams need a pitcher. Post this in the correct forum and leave it there.

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