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  1. OHsoftball

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    Is there an expiration date for this new order only allowing teams to play one opponent per day? Just wondering because some tourneys haven't cancelled yet.. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that softball tourneys went on all summer without any issues and now all of a sudden that changes.. Also, seems like everyone is awful quiet this time and just kind of taking it instead of standing up for our kids... is this expected to last throughout the fall season?
  2. Dale Brigger

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    It is up to each county's health department which makes it even worse. Some tournaments have cancelled, some have changed formats, and others are going on as originally planned. I know my daughter's team is not entering any additional tournaments because so much is up in the air. We are scheduling double header friendlies on Sunday mornings instead so they can continue to get work in. It's sad that the powers that be didn't want to take the time and look at each sport individually and just decided to lump them all in together.
  3. BruisedShins

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    There's no expiration date on the order. You can find it here: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/static/publicorders/DO-Sports-First-Amended-08.28.20.pdf

    There has been a lot effort in terms of people contacting their elected representatives, and further representatives then lobbying to the governor and ODH. This is not a situation where no one is "standing up for our kids." Just because the answer from DeWine hasn't changed does not mean that people aren't trying.

    As far as "quiet" goes, if there are cities or counties that are allowing tournaments to happen, that is a good thing for the softball community. What we don't want is people complaining to their local authorities that "such-and-such county is allowing tournaments so why don't you?" People shouldn't be naming cities/counties on here that aren't following the order if there's any chance that might get another event shut down. Don't be that guy!

    If you want to see some of the efforts that people are making and some of the responses that people have received from various government officials, check out the Central Ohio Fastpitch Softball group on Facebook.
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  4. OHsoftball

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    When I said things are quiet or it feels like no one is taking a stance.. I'm saying that early in the summer I saw petitions going around online that had been started by TDs and org coaches/leaders.. Not heard much talk about this other than "whelp guess we're going to change our tourney format to one opponent per day." I think it's pretty obvious if a county or city is allowing tourneys, it doesn't really matter if someone names it on here or not.. Just check out schedules posted all over twitter. I mentioned before, I feel like this whole new order was made in regards to HS sports, so travel sports should not have been affected. It definitely needs clarified... it would be different if things hadn't gone on normal all summer without any complications..
  5. BruisedShins

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    While I don't like the new order, there is nothing unclear about it. You can feel that it's meant for high school sports but that doesn't make it so. The title of the order literally includes "Requirements for Youth, Collegiate, Amateur, Club and Professional Sports." The only thing not mentioned in the title is school sports!
  6. DanMaz

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    if your like me, i don't watch and dont plan to watch Dewiner or any of his news conferences.... so in my mind.... WHAT MANDATE? PLAY BALL!
  7. OHsoftball

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    I agree! If only more people would think that way!!
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  8. IRdad09

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    You just have to know where you can play. We have played multiple times against multiple teams in 1 day so far this fall with no issues.;)

    ALISA WEAVER New Member

    Apparently, either there really is a chance of a sharp increase in the number of cases, or once again people are not allowed to live in peace and are manipulated by an imaginary threat. To be honest, I already do not know what to believe and who is telling the truth. They show statistics, but they are so vague and incomprehensible that it is completely unclear how many people actually die from COVID, and not from a stroke or appendicitis without timely treatment, for example.
  10. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Active Member

    if they had any traceable spread due to summer sporting events, they'd be parading the stats around like a rooster in the hen house.
  11. jt7663

    jt7663 Active Member

    There are enough of us in the Softball Community if we had a combined effort to present our summer success against Covid they Might open their eyes .... A Little anyways!
  12. OHsoftball

    OHsoftball Active Member

    Exactly what I was trying to say...
  13. Dwheeler83

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    If Dewine told everyone they needed to stick there thumb up there butt and walk around to go out in public you would see a lot of people with there thumb up there butt. There is more going on here than just the virus, the government is trying to control every aspect of everyone’s life! Think there is a coin shortage? Really? No they want you to use your card so they can track everything you do. All we can do is pray Trump gets re-elected so he can expose all there liberal thugs. Trump 2020
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    ALISA WEAVER New Member

    And this is true. Our authorities love to do all sorts of things for show. And the extreme is not difficult to find if desired.
  15. daboss

    daboss Well-Known Member

    How do you know your summer was a success? Just because your family didn't contract the virus does not make it a statewide or national success. You do whatever you want to do. Don't include me.
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    ALISA WEAVER New Member

    You are speaking correctly. We do not know the real extent of the disease. For example, among my acquaintances, no one said that they knew real people who got sick. Maybe our region is more prosperous, maybe we are lucky, maybe the information is exaggerated. But don't underestimate the possibility of infection.
  17. #4mom

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    I think associations and organizations really should get together and file a lawsuit. Seems that’s the only thing that is working.
  18. Doom Leader

    Doom Leader Active Member

    I bet if you daughter was a 2021 and not recruited yet or a 2022 you would be all in?
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  19. Passion4theGame

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    I would be interested to see if anybody contracted the virus from being at a summer tournament. I have talked with A LOT of coaches and none I’ve spoke with has had family members or players sick from being at tournaments. For the most part social distancing was practiced all summer long. Shutting down Fall tournaments is just silly IMO. November can’t come soon enough!

    Make America Healthy Again!
  20. DanMaz

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    interesting to hear a reply to this .... hmmmmmmmmm

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