Ohio Stingrays Showcase 2022

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    Let's keep those applications coming in!!!
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    Keep sending in those applications!! Gonna be a killer Showcase.
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    I'm extremely excited to help oversee one of the most prestigious events in Ohio this summer!
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    Apps are flying in through this google form. Be sure to get it in along with payment to be considered! I am hoping to put a team list on here for applicants in the very near future. Stay tuned!
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    Teams that have applied to this point!

    Ohio Stingrays '03
    Ohio Stingrays '04
    Ohio Hawks 2022 Lenos
    American Freedom Gold Colorado
    Gators Craft
    Indy Bandits Elite '04
    Mid Michigan Chaos Herrera
    MOV Pride Swartz
    Ohio Lasers Red
    Cincy Doom '04 Gold Hill
    Cincy Doom Walker
    Explosive Elite Minisall
    Ohio Storm '04
    Ohio Storm Christopher
    Ohio Wolfpack Collins
    Pennsbury Gems Gold
    Ohio Outlaws Premier '04 Young
    Indiana Gators '04 Flynn National
    Colorado Styxx 18A Rodriguez
    Heartbreakers Gold
    Ohio Lasers Black
    Thunder Elite Premier Dutton
    Indy Bandits Elite '04 Duncan

    Ohio Stingrays '05
    Ohio Stingrays '06
    Turnin2 National Maloney
    Turnin2 Moody
    Ohio Hawks 2023 Lenos
    Ohio Hawks 2024/25 Shields
    Ohio Lasers Grey '05
    Ohio Lasers Teal
    Cincy Doom '06 Gold Hillen
    Finesse 16u Carpenter
    Finesse 16u Smart
    Indiana Shockwaves '06 Tesnar
    Pittsburgh Predators Premier
    Smash House '05 National
    Team Ohio Black
    Team Pennsylvania Hall
    Texas Glory Red
    Tri State Stars
    Central Ohio Ice '06
    Elite 16u Brander
    Explosive Elite
    Firecrackers WV '06
    Lightning FP '06
    Miami Valley Xpress '06 Fecher
    NY Diamond Girls Coons
    NY Diamond Girls Jawz
    OFC Heat '06
    Ohio Hawks Mann
    Ohio Hawks Kuhn 23/24
    Ohio Hawks Vigansky
    Ohio Lightning '05 Redford
    Ohio Lightning '06 Harkness
    Ohio Outlaws Sharek '06
    Ohio Storm '05 Farrington
    Ohio Storm '06 Jones
    Ohio USSSA Pride Platinum
    Lookouts '05 Premier
    Indy Edge Premier '06 Carmichael
    Colorado Styxx 16u Gold Craig

    Ohio Stingrays '07
    Ohio Stingrays '08
    Tennessee Mojo Pizzo
    Ohio Outlaws '07 Premier Quinn
    Ohio Outlaws National '07 Shaulis
    Ohio Hawks Emswiler
    Ohio Hawks Lightner
    Finesse Zill
    Finesse Hool
    Finesse Ross-West
    Indiana Gators '08 Premier
    Indiana Magic Gold Moore National
    Indiana Prospects '07
    Midwest Marlins
    Silver Creek Prospects '07 Nogay
    UNY Revolution '07 Cooley
    Ohio Outlaws Masiello
    Ohio Outlaws '08 Parkhurst
    Ohio Outlaws '08 Vogan
    Ohio Storm '07 Veno
    Ohio USSSA Pride Red
    WV Sting
    Ohio Cobras '08
    NY Diamond Girls
    NKY Bandits '08 Pompilio
    Attack '07
    Finesse Hoverman
    Cap City Force '08

    Ohio Stingrays 2009
    Ohio Stingrays 2010
    Beverly Bandits Premier Mercurio
    Ohio Hawks 12u National
    Ohio Hawks Donaldson
    Ohio Lasers Black '09
    Ohio Outlaws Futures '09 Frengel
    Wizards Elite '09 Smith
    Ohio Hawks 2027/2028 Barnett
    Ohio Mojo Helton '09
    Ohio Emeralds '09
    Valley Extreme '09 Piovarchy
    3P Lady Irish '09
    Team Ohio Grey '09
    Indiana Shockwaves '09
    Cincy Doom Reynolds

    Ohio Stingrays 2011
    Ohio Stingrays 2012
    Ohio Outlaws Hellinger
    Ohio Cobras 2k11 Zgonc
    Ohio Outlaws Ruck
    Ohio Storm Spangler
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  8. Skapin

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    12u Cincy Doom Reynolds added
    12u Indiana Shockwaves '09 added
    12u Team Ohio Grey '09 added

    14u Cap City Force added

    16u Lookouts '05 Premier added

    18u OH Outlaws Premier '04 Young added
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    18u Indiana Gators '04 Flynn/National added
    18u Colorado Styxx 18A Rodriguez added
    18u Heartbreakers Gold added
    18u Ohio Lasers Black added

    16u Indy Edge Premier '06 Carmichael added
    16u Colorado Styxx 16u Gold Craig added
  10. Skapin

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    18u Thunder Elite Premier Dutton added
    18u Indy Bandits Elite '04 Duncan added

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