14 Under Tryouts OHIO THUNDER 06 -Looking for additional Pitcher & possibly another Player!

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    As the Fall season is now winding down, I'm sure there are many, many families asking themselves if they made the right decision for their ballplayer! If you are asking yourself that question, we may have the solution! We are looking for an additional player who wants to play an ACTUAL "A" Level Schedule! If you were promised something similar and realize you are playing with a C level team playing in the One Umpire Tournaments, then contact me to discreetly discuss possibilities. We are looking for another Player that will help make our team stronger! If you want your Daughter to play at her ability in 2021 - then contact me!!!

    We have Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Fielding - but we need to add another Solid Player to our roster to help compete at the level we play!!! If you have something to add to this team (Power, Speed, Slapper, Pitcher, Solid Glove, etc.), then you need to contact us while the opportunity is currently available!!!

    We have an Open Workout planned for Sunday, 11/8 to see if we can find the right fit for both our team and the Athletes who may be interested! Contact me about your daughter attending!

    We finish our Fall Season at the PGF Mid South Showcase in Nashville, Tennessee on November 14th-15th!

    Winter Workouts start in December, on Sunday afternoons...

    Call or Text 513-623-9187 to discuss, or you can PM!
    Russ Smith
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    We have our final outdoor Team Workout on Sunday afternoon, 11/8!!!
    Last practice before our final tournament of 2020 - PGF Mid South Showcase in Nashville!

    If interested in attending this workout and seeing if we are the right fit for your Player - contact me for additional details!
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    We are looking to add One (1) Additional Player to our team for the 2021 season!
    We want the best possible player to add to this team!
    Can be Pitcher, Infielder, or Outfielder. Can be Slapper, Power Hitter, Speedster, etc.
    We want and will only add a Player that is going to help make our team better than we already are!!!
    If you feel you may be that Player - Contact us immediately to discuss!!!
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    If your daughter would like the opportunity to pitch and play against top competition in 2021 - then here is her chance!!!
    We are looking to add another Quality Pitcher to our rotation! If this is something that you think would be a good fit - then contact me to discuss!!!

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