Ohio Thunder 14U - Adding 1 more pitcher

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by BigZ, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. BigZ

    BigZ Member

    We are looking for 1 last mound presence to support our other pitching. We have a pretty demanding schedule against very good competition and we are searching for that 1 girl who wants to be challenged.

    Below is a link to our web page where you can check out the team and upcoming schedule. We are currently working with a best in class strength and conditioning coach throughout the winter until school ball starts. Core work, speed and agility plus hand eye coordination are all being emphasized at this time.


    If interested please respond here or text 513-646-2354
  2. BigZ

    BigZ Member

    Still looking for that last piece
  3. BigZ

    BigZ Member

    Looking for a gamer.....is that your daughter?
  4. BigZ

    BigZ Member

    Contact me for a private workout or perhaps join our team for a practice
  5. Blake Berry

    Blake Berry New Member

    My Daughter is an 14u pitcher we are from Springfield

    Pm me and let me know what the next step would be to try out

  6. BigZ

    BigZ Member

    Come work out with the team and see if there is chemistry......or if you prefer a private workout can be arranged.
  7. BigZ

    BigZ Member

    Individual workouts after Feb.
  8. BigZ

    BigZ Member

    Would consider sub for the right player if they have holes in their current schedule and want to be challenged.

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