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  1. softball mom33

    softball mom33 New Member

    Just for fun!! What would you like to see the parents have to answer or have to do to try out for your team?
  2. Just guarantee that their DD's will continue to work in the time away from the, hit with an instructor, or without, get to pitching lessons, continue to work hard without coaches harping on it. It is easy to spot parents who make it happen. Hats off to the committed parents and families. It means a lot to coaches to know our players are putting in work away from the team workouts and practice.
  3. softballdad937

    softballdad937 New Member

    Psych evaluations. :D:D
  4. wvanalmsick

    wvanalmsick Member

    The ability to sit behind the backstop and not say anything during the tryout, then walk with your kid to the parking lot, again not saying a single word. Betcha can't do it. LOL

    or, using the phrase "out of the mouth of babes", ask the player how her parents behave during games and toward other team parents. I know you would get some real good answers.
  5. WalkOffHR

    WalkOffHR New Member

    Q. Why are you switching teams for your DD?
    A. The coach (blah, blah, blah)

    FAIL! Thank you for your interest though.

    " Thunder only happens when it's raining. Players only love you when they're playing."
  6. Converse Kid

    Converse Kid New Member

    Have them fill out a background team check to check their bragging status. My DD can dothis, she can do that,,, and on and on and on. Also, a personality test. Do they ever smile? Prunes should be immediately discarded.
  7. Irish196

    Irish196 Active Member

    Not fair Converse Kid! I have been told I have "*itchy resting face" as I rarely smile when I am not talking with someone (since I am usually engrossed in thought or thinking about my to do list). I am nice though ( or at least I think I am) :D and I smile a lot in texts and e mails (does that count)??
  8. wow

    wow Active Member

    So let me get this straight. Standing behind the backstop with a radar gun calling pitches and making corrections is not the way to impress the new coach.. SHOCKER!

    Sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride. Parents should be seen and not heard during the try out. Its just that simple. If you cant subscribe to that, drop the kid off and get a text alert when the tryout is over!
  9. softballdad937

    softballdad937 New Member

    I've done great so far not saying a word. Only had to stretch my legs once near the batting tunnel.
  10. Would love to see them take this approach as the tryout is taking place. They may feel a lot better and their daughter would not be as stressed that she let mom and dad down. Lol
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  11. The3dm

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    I have found over the years that very rarely is it the parent(s) that are the root cause of the problem. My experience has been that even the most problem parent(s) can be diffused by open honest communication. I have seen coaches create these problems by either showing favoritism or the opposite for a player for no other reason than a personal like/dislike. I have seen coaches that have made mistakes (we all make them) and laid blame on the players or let their own ego dictate their actions. These things do more to create the crazy parents than anything else. I am not saying there are not some totally wacko parents out there, just that it is easier to prevent the behavior with a little work and honesty.
  12. freddieball

    freddieball Member

    Ask them what their favorite beer is. If they say they are not sure, then your good to go.
  13. mike_dyer

    mike_dyer Member

    Once upon a time we were in a showcase 2 hours from home. My kid had homecoming on the first day of it. She told her coach about it as soon as she saw it was going to be a problem. He had more than 2 weeks to figure something out.

    I remember getting a text from him about "commitment level."

    I drove her there, she played one game, we left. 4 hour round trip to play a couple of innings in one game.

    I noticed his own kid and his assistant's kid were both leaving at the same time, they had their homecoming the same day. No commitment level issue there, of course.

    My kid, with her commitment level issue, played about 2 innings in the field the next day, and I think she may have batted once. Then again, he may have waited until she was in the box and called time before the first pitch was thrown so he could sub someone else in. He liked doing that to kids who he was mad at.

    I understand that all of this is still my fault or my kid's fault and that every coach everywhere has been, is, and will be a saint with no faults at all.
  14. WalkOffHR

    WalkOffHR New Member

    Based on some of the previous responses and the original topic, my question as a coach to parents at a tryout would be:

    What's your screen name on OFC????
  15. mike_dyer

    mike_dyer Member

    What's my screen name on OFC?

    It's the only name I go by. It's the one I would have wrote on the tryout form if I thought you had anything to offer my kid.
  16. freddieball

    freddieball Member

    Mike WalkoffHR was replying to the topic name. They would ask the parents what their OFC screen name was. It was not pertained to you personally :)
  17. WalkOffHR

    WalkOffHR New Member

    Correct I was answering the original post not responding to a post.

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