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  1. softballfan27

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    question for coaches or head of organizations.
    if your teams fee are due in the fall and you have collected this money when do you start paying for things.
    your uniforms (when do you order them)
  2. Td16

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    Depends, typically entry fees for tournaments need sent in by January 1. But if you’re a showcase team you need to send in entry fees by December or so. I try to have everything ordered and done by February or March.
  3. Whatever was agreed upon when your daughter agreed to a spot on the team should be honored. When the bills are due really shouldn't be the parents concern however most everything is due by February. Financials should be transparent but not an open debate.
  4. OhPhat

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    Spring and summer tournaments paid in December and January, fall and winter tournaments paid in September and October and uniforms and such in February...other costs such as indoor facilities and sanctioning paid in October...
  5. FastBat

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    I agree...fees are usually due around Christmas which I think is terrible timing, but I understand that is just how it falls b/c tournament fees are due. I think December 1 is better for having full team fees paid and a month or so after Christmas isn't much better than Christmas fees being due.

    With ordering team uniforms, the more basic the easier they are to get back vs. custom everything, good luck with that. I personally do not like seeing very expensive, elaborate uniforms, I feel bad for the parents who have to pay for them and worse when a team with basic t-shirts beats them! I would say ordering uniforms by February is probably best, especially if they are still growing. T-shirt jerseys with a basic pant color, work best in the fall and can be an extra uniform in spring and summer.
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    People pay to play softball???
  7. Rex Tiller

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    My DD's coach gave the parents a balance sheet so we know where our money goes. So far, most of the money has gone for indoor practices and tournaments and deposits for this summer. Our final fees are due very soon to pay the unpaid balances. He seems to be on top of things.
  8. CARDS

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    Folks...Do your homework before accepting an offer from a team!

    Teams should have full disclosure in August/September right after tryouts on team fees.

    Parents should get statements each month on what is due…That statement should include deposits/fees, uniforms, insurance, sanctioning fees, training facility, and misc. expense….

    Parents should know fall, winter, spring and summer schedule unless 14U or above that can vary with tournament acceptance, but the coach should have a 1 and 2 event.

    I paid for fall events and fall uniforms. Winter training facilities and events were part of the fees as well as spring/summer events and practice fields. I know January is a bad time for fees due but the parents had several months to get it together.
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    Bottom line:

    If they tell you that you owe $1.00 they are trying to rip you off.



    There is another team with no fee.
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    There are a few teams out there who are fully funded, and a few teams where a player might avoid fees because of their talent level, but I'd wager to say that, excluding players who don't have fees because their parent coaches, that 95%+ of the players pay fees and at least 90% of them aren't getting ripped off regardless of what some people may try to lead you to believe.

    P.S. I know it's wise to usually just ignore these kinds of posts from Mike, but I hate it when there's statements made that will misinform or confuse those newer to the sport. :)
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