PICK N’ Fire in the Sky 14 under

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  1. Rerun

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    Thought it would be fun to start a new game called PICK N’. This will test your knowledge for sure.

    The list below is 14 under teams playing in Fire in the Sky in Orville, Ohio with the championship game being played on July the 4th.

    I will post the final results on July the 5th.

    The challenge is to pick 10 teams that finish in the top 10. If your really feeling gusty pick the winner.

    Twin City Mustangs ‘07
    Tri State Thunder
    Ohio Stingrays 06
    Ohio Red Heat 14U
    Ohio Lasers Gray 07
    Michigan Batbusters 14U Moceri
    JABC Riot 06
    River City Venom - Troutma
    Lightning 14U Blue
    Ohio Wolfpack 07
    NWO Heat 14U - Rawski
    Lady Lookouts 14U Black
    Ohio Storm 06
    Wizards Frenzy Elite 06
    Ohio Lightning 06 Harkness
    MOV Pride 14u-Kuhl
    Ohio Wolfpack Watts
    Passion 06
    Ohio Storm 07 Veno
    NKY Bandits ‘25/‘26
    Wizards Gold 06
    Ohio USSSA PRIDE Elite Select Red
    SGS Magic-Euler
    Canonsburg Lady Knights
    WV Lady Patriots
    Jabc riot 07
    Wv Dusters Kuhn
    OFC Heat 07
    Finesse 13U Hoverman
    Central Ohio Ice 06
    Ohio Hawks 14U - Estep
    Miami Valley Xpress 07
    Ohio Outlaws 07 Quinn
    Diamond Elite Heat
    Ohio Stingrays '07
    Pittsburgh Spirit Black
    PA-Renegades (Chalovich)
    Ohio Hawks 07 - Emswiler
    07 Ohio Bulldawgs Elite
    Michigan Batbusters 13u Higgins
    Ohio Thunder 06
    Ohio Hit Club
    Amherst Lightning
    Lady Rebels Lime 06
    Ohio Outlaws McCutcheon 06
    So Cal Athletics 06
    Valley Extreme 07
    Fast Wizards 07 Hill
    Finesse - 13u Filipiak
    River City Venom Lehman/Laurent
    PA Stingrays 07
    Ashland Blaze
    Ohio Hawks Drake - 13u
    Ohio Emeralds 06’
    Thunder Fastpitch 07
    PA Stingrays 06
    Mavericks Fastpitch
    Lake Erie Warhawks 14u
    OFC Heat 06
    Ohio Bandits Premier 06
    Ohio Lasers Scarlet 07
    Phantoms 14u
    Ohio Knockouts Purple
    Ohio Ice Black 07
    Erie Frost '07
    Valley Extreme
    Ohio Ice Orange 06
    Ohio MOJO Black
    Wizards 07
    Landsharks Royal
    Southwest Outlaws ‘06
    Wicked Fastpitch
    Dbacks Elite 14U
    Ohio Lightning - Aller
    Cincy Doom 06-Steele
    Cincy Doom 06 Gold
    Black Widows 13U Fickes
    Fusion Softball
    Fillies 14U Blue
  2. BA824

    BA824 Active Member

    I’m going with Wolfpack 06 to win it all
  3. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    Central Ohio Ice 06
    Cincy Doom 06-Steele
    Southwest Outlaws ‘06
    Ohio Stingrays 06
    So Cal Athletics 06
    Ohio Ice Orange 06
    Ohio Outlaws McCutcheon 06
    Ohio Lasers Scarlet 07

    Pittsburgh Spirit Black

    And my wildcard team to make top 10
    Wv Dusters Kuhn

  4. SB06

    SB06 New Member

    Were the results posted? This is the first time I saw this thread show up.
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  5. swilliamson22

    swilliamson22 Member

    Watts is hard to hit! I’ll go Wolfpack to win it all for sure!
  6. Rerun

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