Pitching Coach, Dayton area

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  1. jha32500

    jha32500 New Member

    we recently moved here from Cali and are looking for a solid pitching coach close to the Dayton area. Anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Gray55

    Gray55 Member

    Leanna Pitsinbarger The Fieldhouse in Middletown
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    SOFTBALLS14 Member

    Yeah, Leanna Pitsinbarger,
    She former D-I Pitcher at EKU Graduated in 2015, So up on current ways to pitch at any level ...
    Facility actually in Miamisburg next to library....
    Here's link on how to get ahold of Her... https://www.facebook.com/thefieldhousesoftball/
    Welcome to OHIO and Good luck!

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