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  1. Djl000

    Djl000 New Member

    Does anyone know of a pitching coach in or near the east side suburbs of Cleveland? Everyone I have found is far west side or Akron/Canton.

  2. longball00

    longball00 Member

    PM sent.......
  3. Practice?

    Practice? Member

    Leffew Fastpitch is not on the Eastside but is relocating later this month to the near Westside in North Olmsted; near the turnpike / 480 exchange so it will be easy to access from the Eastside. This new facility is located at the entrance to Victory park. www.leffewfastpitch.com
  4. FastBat

    FastBat Well-Known Member

    I think there are many instructors in the greater Akron area because of the Akron Racers and the two university's in close proximity. I think it's tough to find instructors in areas close, but not that close, like East side of Cleveland.
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  5. Chardon Storm

    Chardon Storm Member

    I sit on the board for the Rec League in Chardon and they are in desperate need of a pitching instructor on the East Side. The league has funding to pay a teacher/pitching coach for the lessons provided to girls in the Rec League, just need to find a person who is willing to come to Chardon or has access to indoor space/field within 20 minute radius. www.chardonsoftball.com. Any leads?
  6. blackie22

    blackie22 New Member

    hi the coach from lakeland does pitching from what i hear she is good and im sure you know stevie from that area
  7. Chardon Storm

    Chardon Storm Member

    Yes, I do know Steven. Appreciate the lead on Lakeland coach
  8. blackie22

    blackie22 New Member

    if you want text me i can get you her number 4406458361

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